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Flower Resource Guide

Christmas Decorating & Gift Ideas

There are plenty of ways to decorate your home for the holidays that are merry, cost-effective, and fun for the whole family. Enjoy reliving traditions from your childhood while you create many more with your own family and kids!

Pine and Nature themed Red and Green Rose bouquet in red vase

A great way to make your house ready for the holidays is to decorate your stairway. You can make your own garland out of pine, ivy, and pine cones, hang holiday wreaths decorated with ribbon at intervals up the stairs, or add clusters of ribbons throughout the railing. Another great idea, if your stairway is wide enough, is to decorate alternating steps with small potted plants such as poinsettias or boxwood trees.

Choose a theme for to decorate your home for the holidays - pick a special collection that you only display during this time of year, and build your decorations around this treasured piece of distinction. You can also choose a theme such as "love" or "peace" and use decorations of red and white for love, or soft blues and white for a peace-inspired theme.

Winter flower centerpiece with gold candles

A wonderful way to brighten your home, and create a festive atmosphere for children, is to place a small Christmas tree in each child's bedroom. Decorate the tree with their favorite ornaments, such or with small toys, sports items, or even miniature dolls. Add some twinkling lights and you have a created a sparkling nightlight you can use all season long!

Adding festive touches like holiday centerpieces and holiday flower arrangements is another great way to decorate your home. Try adding festive flowers throughout the entire house (instead of limiting them to the dining room) to really make a statement - especially if you have guests staying with you this holiday. Place smaller flower arrangements in bathrooms while decorating guest bedrooms with soothing, subtle flowers. Save the most festive touches for dining room table holiday centerpieces, hallway table flower arrangements, and - of course - your front door holiday wreath.

The holiday is about coming together as a family and sharing each other's company.  This season, create a family tradition that focuses on food - plan a traditional holiday dinner meal or a delicious breakfast for Christmas morning; add a traditional beverage like spiced cider or hot cocoa, or for those more adventures, a spiked eggnog, and make this holiday no one will soon forget!

'Tis Better to Give Than Receive

You've made your list, but have you checked it twice? Read on for some great gift ideas when shopping for friends, family and co-workers...and even that special someone!

For co-workers, clients and colleagues, a holiday fruit basket is always a sure hit. Add a personalized message for a thoughtful, practical and festive gift idea delivered straight to their home or office.

Send a fresh holiday wreath to friends or family members - it's a festive way to share your holiday cheer. Or, choose a gourmet gift basket that will leave a delicious impression!

Last but not least, send a little holiday romance to your sweetheart by surprising them with fresh flowers. Let your special someone know how much joy they bring you by sending festive - and passionate - red roses.

The Christmas holiday season is all about giving, and what better way to ring in the season than to help someone less fortunate? Many towns and cities sponsor an adopt-a-child program that you can be part of. Check with your local family services program for more details and how to become a participant. Many malls or department stores will also sponsor programs with giving trees where you can pick one (or more if you so choose) ornament listing the gift wish of a child. This is a truly special way to instill in older children the meaning of generosity.

Whatever you decide this holiday season, we wish everyone a happy holiday spent with the ones you love and hold dearest!