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How to Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Milk, dark, or white chocolate chips can be used to cover the strawberries. Depending on the size of the strawberries and the desired thickness of the chocolate covering, use 1-2 cups of chocolate chips. There are a couple of methods that will work to melt the chocolate chips. First, combine the chocolate chips with shortening or vegetable oil in a 1-quart saucepan (1 teaspoon shortening/oil for each 1/2 cup of chocolate chips), melt over low heat, stirring often. Another way to melt the chocolate is to pour the chocolate chips into a microwave bowl (choose one that has high sides!) and heat on high for 30 seconds. Remove the bowl from the microwave and stir the chocolate chips; then return the bowl to the microwave and heat the chocolate for an additional 30 seconds. Stir the chocolate again, and repeat this 30-second microwaving pattern until the chocolate chips are just melted. It is important to not overheat the chocolate by microwaving it in longer time increments. Overheating may cause the chocolate to look less smooth on the strawberries.

To begin, gently wash the strawberries (about 20 berries total) and place them on paper towels to dry. The strawberries must be completely dry before dipping them in the chocolate. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or waxed paper.

Love Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Once the chocolate chips are melted, dip the lower half of each strawberry into the chocolate, then slowly pull the strawberry out of the chocolate, allowing the excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl. Holding the stem of the strawberry between one's fingers while dipping it is a good strategy for this step. Place the newly dipped strawberry on the paper-lined cookie sheet. Repeat this process until all the strawberries have been dipped in the chocolate and placed on the cookie sheet.

Now this is the part where one can get creative! For plain chocolate-covered strawberries, simply set the pan of strawberries aside for about 30 minutes to allow the chocolate to set. For a fancier-looking treat, immediately decorate each freshly dipped chocolate-covered strawberry with your favorite sprinkles before allowing the chocolate to harden. Another fun decorating option is to drizzle a second type of chocolate over the strawberries after each piece of fruit has been dipped and placed on the cookie sheet. Just melt another variety of chocolate chip following the method outlined above, dip a fork in the second chocolate, and drizzle it over the chocolate-covered strawberries.

Chocolate-covered strawberries should be served within four hours of their dipping. They may be stored in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours, but the fruit might begin to lightly leak from under the chocolate.