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Flower Resource Guide

Flower Names for Girls & Boys

People have different reasons for choosing the names they give their babies. Some are meant to honor family and friends, others simply sound strong or feel right when they're said aloud. When it comes to names, there's a garden-variety of options, and sometimes flowers plant the seeds for inspiration. In the name of nature's pretty petals, here are twenty flowers that are known for making a name for themselves:

  1. Lily - Represents purity and elegant beauty.
  2. Jasmine - Symbolizes grace and modesty. The male version of Jasmine is Jessamine, which is often shortened to Jesse.
  3. Daisy - Encompasses gentleness, innocence, love, and loyalty. Daisies open and close with the sun, so they were given the name "Day's Eye," which became daisy.
  4. Holly - Embodies goodwill. Holly is one of the flowers names for girls that is often given to gals who are born in the winter, especially around Christmas time when this plant is decorating doors across the world.
  5. Poppy - Presents beauty and eternal life.
  6. Rose - Symbolizes grace, gentility, and love.
  7. Alyssa - Represents worth beyond beauty. Alyssa is one of the flower names for girls that people don't usually realize has floral roots; it comes from the alyssum flower.
  8. Iris - Was the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Today, her name symbolizes faith and wisdom.
  9. Violet - Is known for simplicity and modesty.
  10. Aster - Comes from the modern Greek word meaning "star." This name grew in popularity after Showtime's show Dexter made it big, as the starring little girl was known as Aster. Aster is also a flowers names for boys that's unique and interesting.
  11. Azalea - Symbolizes temperance, fragility, and passion. The meaning of the flower's name itself is "dry" because this hearty shrub is strong enough to flourish in dry soil.
  12. Fleur - Is actually the French word for flower. This name simply sounds beautiful and chic.
  13. Heather - Is a name often associated with imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual females. Like Alyssa, many people don't realize Heather is a name rooted from flowers. In fact, it's a flowering evergreen plant that's known for thriving in very barren, peaty lands in places such as Scotland.
  14. Suri - Means red rose in Persian. This floral first name first found fame when celebrity baby Suri was born to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.
  15. Senna - Is a name that boasts of brightness and personality. It comes from the Arabic botanical name given to a bright yellow flowering bush that calls the tropics home.
  16. Briony - Is a word that describes a flowering vine used in folk medicine. This name is currently popular across the Pond, making a presence for itself in the U.K.
  17. Marigold - Embodies a certain sunny sweetness.
  18. Zahara - Is another name simply beautiful 'just because.' Zahara is the Hebrew word for flower, which became most renowned when Angelina and Brad welcomed Baby Zahara into their homes.
  19. Posey - Is a cute, light-hearted name. This classic English name means "bunch of flowers."
  20. Dahlia - Is the name given to a big, bright, beautiful flower. It's a pretty name derived from Swedish origin meaning "Dweller of the Valley."

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