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Green Plants

Delivered Green Plants

Giving the gift of green plants is a fantastic way to brighten a home and create a healthy, holistic environment. Giving plants is a great way to add value to an environment and give a gift that can last for years to come. The question is, how can you easily set up green plant delivery? From You Flowers makes that process as easy as possible for you. Take a look at all of the offerings we have and find those that are perfectly suited to your home or that of someone you want to cherish with a sweet gift.

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Green Plants

One of the best ways to give house plants is to give a basket of green plants, one that offers a lot of unique individual plants in a simple basket or dish. For example, you can choose a Classic Dish Garden, which will include several green plants with various leaf shapes, different hues of green, and a fun, beautiful woven basket container. Baskets like this are a good option when you want to give variety and something special.

Succulents Always Are Appreciated

When it comes to indoor plants, for those who may not love to water and tend to the plant's unique needs, give succulents. Green succulents are fantastic gifts with lots of vibrant green colors. Choose succulent delivery of a single plant in a beautiful jar or pot, or select a basket-like creation that includes several succulents together. You'll love the look and feel of all of them.

When to Give Green Plants as a Gift

Are you wondering if houseplants are the right gift for someone in your life? Bouquets of flowers are fantastic, blooming, and instantly stunning. For others, though, the long-lasting beauty of a green plant is a better option. It will continue to provide beauty for years to come, creating a stunning display in their home for years to come. Before you make the decision to buy these indoor plants, consider how well they may work for the specific someone in your life:

  • They have window space with natural light. If they have some great window areas where there's ample natural light, any green plants will likely work well there. If they do not, you may want to focus on options like succulents or indirect sunlight indoor plants, which are also available.
  • Your loved one has limited time. You want to send flowers, but you know they are only home for short periods of time, or perhaps they don't have a lot of time to put towards caring for plants. If that's the case, focus on succulents rather than plants that require more careful pruning.
  • They love nature. Are you considering giving the gift of an indoor plant to someone that loves nature? Consider bonsai plants. These plants are uniquely beautiful and require a bit of tender loving care. Yet, today's versions are much easier to manage. They make a stunning statement without requiring a lot of light. Many are vibrantly green, while others have blooms.
  • You want to add something special to the office. Perhaps you're setting up your own office to greet clients. You want to offer something natural in the space. There are a lot of options available, but green plants tend to be one of the best options because they are easy to maintain and will last, keeping your long-term costs down. Consider office green plants.
  • You want to give a plant as a sympathy gift. Flowers and funeral arrangements are commonly given, but giving someone sympathy plants is the better option in many cases. From floor plants to blooming green beauties, these plants last. Every time they see them, they will be reminded of the person they lost and of your love and caring. Choose from a variety of options, including peace lilies which are often perfect for these needs.
  • You want to welcome someone to their new home. Here's another fun reason to give indoor plants. Choose from one of the many housewarming flowers and gifts available. Many people moving into a home love the idea of plants but may not be willing to purchase them right away for themselves. Choose a fitting indoor plant to help them make their new house feel like home.
  • Wish them well. Get well plants are often green plants. They tend to be a good option as long as they do not require a person in recovery from illness or injury as long as they don't require a lot of hands-on attention. Choose something sweet, and perhaps send some chocolates or a teddy bear with it!

What to Know About Green Plant Delivery

Green plant delivery is a simple and easy process. The plants come directly to their door, looking nothing short of stunning. They can take them out of the container or box and place them where it works in their home. Most will come with instructions on how to care for the plant, too, making this an excellent choice for even those who may not have a green thumb - yet! At From You Flowers, you can select from a wide range of added gifts and items to send along with your plant. Some ideas include:

  • Gourmet chocolates or sweet treats
  • Balloons of all types
  • Baked goods
  • Spa and wellness items
  • Fruit gift baskets
  • Teddy bears
  • Garden stones
  • Wine

The only limitation here is knowing what to add to your gift! Don't forget to set up green plant delivery for yourself, too. It's an easy way to keep your home natural and beautiful.

Get Started with From You Flowers Today

From You Flowers makes it simple for you to send off the plant delivery you need. You can even schedule a same day or next day delivery of many plants in various areas. Send them across town, to a hospital or nursing home, to a friend across the country, or to your own address. Include a personalized card message to let your family and friends know you are thinking about them.