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Tulip Delivery

Celebrate Spring with bright, seasonal flowers that are blooming in bright colors. Tulip Delivery is the perfect gift to celebrate every special day. Florist arranged bouquets with red tulips, pink tulips and more! Same day delivery is available.

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Tulips Delivered

Tulips are the flower of the Spring. They fill up rooms with vibrant colors and beauty. They are also one of the only flowers that continues to grow after they have been cut (pretty amazing). So many times it can be difficult to choose what flowers to send your girlfriend or your wife for important holidays. When you are having a hard time choosing, always turn to tulip arrangements to save the day. Also enjoy tulips that help create beautiful bouquets in our Christmas centerpieces shop.

Tulip Facts

It is safe to say that tulips are quite popular amongst flower-lovers. If you are one of them, you should enjoy reading this brief blog. It presents some interesting facts about one of the world's most beloved flowers. Enjoy!

What Are the Origins of the Tulip's Name?

The definition comes from the Middle Eastern part of the world. Since the tulip kind of resembles a Persian head-piece known as a turban, it was named for this piece (also known as a dulband.) The exact word "tulip" is actually the Turkish word for a turban and is often used in the region as a female name.

What Do the Different Tulip Colors Mean?

In many cultures throughout the world, tulips are considered to be good luck, especially if they are yellow. Although any color of a tulip is admired, a lot of folks believe if you plant yellow ones in your yard, you shall have great luck and prosperity. It ought to be mentioned that red tulips are a symbol of love and pink ones signify that someone cares about you. Not to be forgotten are black tulips that embody the spirit of strength and power. There are many more colors of tulips in the world today just waiting to be admired.