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Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants for Delivery

Flowering plants are an exceptional gift for any occasion (even for yourself!) The beauty these plants bring to a home can be well worth the one-time investment. Many can last for years, blooming and adding a vibrant element to your home. Flowering plants are available in a wide range of styles to meet just about any goal you have.

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Flowering Plants

Are you looking for flowering plant delivery that is sure to bring a smile to someone's face? You have lots of options to consider. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Green plants: Choose from mostly green potted plants that offer a few blooms occasionally. These are some of the best plants to add to a home for their overall vibrance and ability to freshen up the air in your home.
  • Bonsai plants: Though they bloom less often across the board, there are some options, like the pomegranate and pink azalea, that can fill your home with beautiful blooms at various times of the year.
  • Succulents: Are you looking for a way to bring more succulents into your home? Choose flowering plants that incorporate a few succulents into them as well.
  • Orchids: Quite the stunning choice in potted flowers, orchids brighten up a home. Today's most sought-after varieties are also easy to maintain, even for those without a green thumb (but no one has to know that!)
  • Dish garden: Dish gardens are a fun choice when you do not want to settle for just one type of green flowering plant. They often incorporate a variety of blooming plants into one and are often arranged beautifully within a single container.

Flowering plants come in all shapes and sizes, something that is sure to fit just about any goal you have. Take a look at all of the options that From You Flowers has to offer and set up flowering plant delivery today to get them sent right to your home.

Is It Better to Send a Potted Plant or a Bouquet?

You have lots of options when it comes to flowers for delivery, and ultimately no one choice is better. However, potted flowers can provide long-term beauty for a home, ensuring they can continue to remember you for months or even years to come. If you want an explosion of blooms and a carefully designed bouquet, then taking that route could be ideal for you instead.

How Can I Send a Plant to Someone?

Potted flowers and plants are easy to send to others. You can browse the site to find those that fit your needs. Then, choose the type and size best suited for the person who will receive them. Once you do that, you can set up delivery for the date you like - same day and next day flower delivery may be available. Each plant comes healthy and ready to be added to the home. They also come with some instructions to help your gift recipient to know how to take care of them and where to place them. With ongoing care, they can last for years. They are fully established and already growing in their container when received, looking fantastic upon delivery.

Are Flowering Plants Delivered Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers are those that bloom every year. They come back each year to provide beautiful color and stunning foliage year after year. The best flowering plant delivery allows you to give perennial flowers like this. Those that are delivered may bloom at various intervals. You'll want to take the time to learn as much as you can about them to ensure you fully understand the best way to care for them.

How Do I Know Which Flowering Plants to Give?

When you want to give flowering plants to someone you care about, take a few extra steps. Here are some tips:

  • Know if they have space in the sunlight for a plant. A home that lacks any type of sunlight is one that's going to be difficult to keep plants in.
  • Learn the care required for the plant specifically. Be sure they have the time to dedicate to the process.
  • Avoid an impulse buy of flowering plants that may be too hard for someone to manage.

If you're unsure what they may like, ask a few questions. Find out what type of plant they enjoy or the amount of work they are willing to put towards them. Some of the best potted flowers are easy to care for and don't require direct sunlight. The more you know about the plant, the better!

How Long Will Flowering Plants Live?

There are lots of flowering plants available today to choose from, and each one has its own set of care instructions. It is a good idea to choose a plant that you can care for according to the best care practices for that specific species. When cared for properly, there's no limit to how long potted flowers can live. Many may need to be repotted over time to improve the soil quality, and others may require some nutrients added to keep them healthy.

Why Give the Gift of Perennial Flowers?

It's pretty easy to find a stunning bouquet of flowers to give on the From You Flowers website, but there are also lots of benefits to giving people flowers that will last.

  • They add ongoing beauty to a home - they will love it for years to come!
  • Plants are noted for helping to improve indoor air quality.
  • Indoor plants that are easy to maintain can also be an excellent decor piece for just about any space.
  • Choose those that bloom or those that do not - you can even find those that create no risk of allergies in many people.
  • Creating an easy-to-care-for garden like this adds something meaningful to a home. That simple life can change the atmosphere.

Ready to Get Started?

Shop the flowering plants available to you at From You Flowers. When you do, you'll have a wide range of fantastic flowers to select from to meet any needs you have.