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Send a Daisy Bouquet

Celebrate a special occasion with a unique daisy bouquet! We offer a unique variety of daisies from yellow daisies to red daisies. Same day daisy delivery available.

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What does a daisy represent?

The best flowers to send for Christmas are ones that are festive and get you in the holiday spirit! A typical Christmas flower to send are poinsettias, as they are bright red and are often displayed around the holiday season. Poinsettias are a great Christmas flower also because it is said that their star shaped flowers can represent the Star of David from the traditional holiday story.

When is a daisy a good gift to send?

A daisy is a great gift to send in a Just Because bouquet! So often we think that we need a reason to send flowers to our loved ones, or a friend, or a relative we haven't seen in a while. When really, the only reason you need is because you want to! The daisy is a flower that is fun on its own, but brings joy and delight to any bouquet it is a part of. The daisy is a good gift to send when you want to let someone know you're thinking of them, just because!

What colors are daisy flowers available in for delivery?

From You Flowers offers daisy flowers for delivery in almost every color. From a classic white daisy, to bouquets that include pink daisies and yellow daisies. We have daisy flowers in almost every color of the rainbow.

Send Daisies Today

Make today a wonderful one with a beautiful daisy flower delivery. FromYou offers stunning arrangements with daisies in all colors of the rainbow. From hot pink daisies to yellow daisies and white daisies, we have a flower for everyone in your life. We also offer a variety of vases from reusable mugs, woven baskets, and purple vases. If you would like to send another kind of flower, visit our Send roses section to find the most popular flowers for Valentine's Day.