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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the one day set aside each year to honor our special Moms. It is the ideal occasion to show our respect to the person who plays such a significant and loving role in our lives. It is not important that you shower Mom with the most expensive or materialistic gift - what is important is that the gift you present her with is from the heart and conveys your true emotions as well as the feeling of love and admiration you have for her. We've compiled some suggestions and gift recommendations for Mom on Mother's Day:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Participate in her favorite activity
  • Take a walk or hike in the woods
  • Go for a bicycle ride
  • Go swimming at the beach
  • Pack a picnic lunch with her favorite foods
  • Go see a matinee
  • Treat her to brunch, lunch, dinner, etc
  • Go for a work out at the local gym
  • Clean the house
  • Send Mother's Day flowers
  • Make personalized chocolates
  • Buy her favorite perfume
  • Purchase a warm and soft terry cloth robe monogrammed with Mom's initials
  • Give her the "day off" to do whatever she chooses!
  • Purchase a keepsake necklace or other jewelry to honor the special day
  • Design your own greeting card
  • Write her a poem
  • Decorate her front yard with balloons
  • Make a brooch or pin for her to wear during the day – decorate it to say "world's best mom" or "I love you Mom"
  • Make a book of I.O.U's with coupons for washing her car, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, etc.
  • Prepare her favorite dessert

Mother's Day Flowers

A popular Mother's Day tradition is to send flowers to your Mom on Mother's Day. And with good reason - sending flowers is a guaranteed way to make her feel special and appreciated. Popular choices for Mother's Day include carnations, roses, lilies and mixed bouquets. A unique idea is to send her flowers with a keepsake vase, like this Tea & Roses or our two dozen red roses with a sterling silver heart necklace and chocolates.

Another option is to consider sending Mom a gourmet gift basket or a plant. This indulgent mini spa set is a real treat.

Remember to write a sweet and personalized message when ordering to really make Mom smile on her special day!

Mother's Day Recipes

One of many of us is to take Mom out to eat on Mother's Day. Whether it be an early brunch or late afternoon lunch, it seems that we just want to give our Mom a day off from cooking, and a chance to be waited on and served, just as she does for us the rest of the year. This year, tap into your creative (and culinary!) side, and offer to cook a special meal for her yourself! Getting the rest of the family (dad, brothers, and sisters) is a great way to spend time together as a family while giving Mom a really special treat.

We've selected some truly scrumptious and simple recipes that would really make Mom's mouth water!

If you're looking to start Mom's day off right with a special surprise, breakfast in bed is just the right treat! A plate of warm, cinnamon French Toast, drizzled with maple syrup is a delectable way to begin the day. Or try an easy breakfast casserole - it takes just under an hour to prepare, and you can enjoy it as a family while you plan your unique day with Mom.

If your Mom is not an early riser, you can also prepare a late lunch with tasty appetizers to nibble on while you wait for the main course. We suggest delicious appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms, finger sandwiches, or an irresistible warm cheese dip, perfect to serve with vegetables, bread, or crackers. For the main course, consider preparing dishes that include Mom's favorite types of food. If she likes Mexican, a tomato, spinach and bean burrito is easy to prepare and sure to be tasty. If Mom prefers more of an Asian flare, try a classic favorite, chicken stir fry.

Perhaps you're planning on making Mom a delicious dinner after a day spent doing whatever her heart desires. As with other dishes you would prepare for Mom, be sure to consider her personal preferences while planning the menu. Cooking a dinner for Mom can run the gamut from comfort food to more formal dining.

We hope we've provided you with a few ideas to make your Mom feel even more special on her day!

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