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Chocolate-Covered Treats for Mom

Mother's Day Chocolate-Covered Gifts

If your mom has a sweet tooth this collection of Mother's Day chocolate-covered treats is a great gift to send this year. Our Mother's Day chocolate gifts are dipped in yummy chocolate and then decorated with heart sprinkles or pink chocolate drizzle just for her.

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Mother's Day Chocolate Covered Gifts

There is something perfect about giving chocolate to someone special on Mother's Day. The good news is they may even share some of it with you! Mother's Day chocolate covered goodies are well worth the investment - and you are sure to find lots of options to choose from right here at From You Flowers. You can always pair some of these fun chocolate covered treats for Mom alongside beautiful Mother's Day flowers. But, if she's not a flower person, getting her one of these fabulous treats may make you the favorite child this year.

What Type of Mother's Day Chocolate Covered Goodies Should You Give?

While there are some limitations based on your location, most of our clients at From You Flowers have a large assortment of items that they can order right now, right online, to have shipped to their favorite person. It's easier to do than you realize, too. If you need help choosing the right type of Mother's Day chocolate covered treats, here are some of our recommendations.

  • Chocolate covered strawberries: Let's face it, the sweetness of the perfect ripe strawberry covered in gourmet chocolate makes a big impression. Upscale them with those that are drizzled with pink chocolate or those designed to look like ladybugs. They are sure to bring a smile to their face in no time. Strawberries like these are beautiful little gifts and are sure to be treasured.
  • Cheesecake pops. Decadent is an understatement when it comes to the chocolate covered cheesecake pops you can send to Mom this Mother's Day. They are bite-sized, yummy pieces of cheesecake covered with gourmet chocolate to make them impossible to resist. You will love the cute decorations on them that help to make them feel that much more special. Each one looks like its own little gift.
  • Brownies: Some people know that the way to someone's heart is with a delicious brownie. You can choose to have these sent to that special lady in your life, too. Choose those with nuts, chocolate shavings, or other toppings that make each one a bit different and even more tempting than the last.
  • OREOs: Is there a mother in your life that is often found dipping OREO cookies in some milk? Upscale things here with chocolate covered OREO cookies, and she'll love you for it. It's truly a sensational treat for those who want something special and meaningful. Choose those covered in decorative chocolate, added candies, or sprinkles.
  • Rose bouquet: You want to give her roses, but you know she would appreciate the chocolate even more so. Give a Chocolate Rose Bouquet. Select a color option that works for you. They come all wrapped up and looking beautiful, and while she may want to just look at them for a day or so, it will not be long before she has to bite into the chocolate to enjoy this luxurious treat.

If you need a few more Mother's Day chocolate covered options to choose from, be sure to check out our full list of goodies. From Godiva chocolate boxes to a big box of her favorite bar candy, there is something for just about any chocolate lever. You can also pick up items like chocolate covered fruit, like apples and pears. Invest in some chocolate bark to send her alongside a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Answering All of Your Questions About Chocolate Covered Treats for Mom

This Mother's Day, spend a few extra minutes checking out the options we have to offer at From You Flowers. You'll find exceptional options in Mother's Day chocolate covered treats. If you have questions, be sure to reach out to us. Here are some common questions that may help you on your journey.

How do I choose chocolates for Mother's Day specifically?

As you browse our selection of options, you'll find numerous simple elements that help make these chocolate gifts stand out. Choose pink chocolate rose bouquets. For example, select one of our chocolate covered strawberry boxes that spell out "LOVE" on them or those that are covered in brightly colored yellow like a ray of sunshine. Some of the most magical options are our chocolate covered strawberries, which are painted with various colors of chocolate to look like stunning flowers.

What if I don't know what type of chocolate she loves?

If you're really unsure of the type of gift to give, consider a treat that offers more than one option. For example, the chocolate covered cookie basket offers a wide range of options for her to try out. You can do the same thing with the big assortment of candies boxes available. That way, there is sure to be something she loves at her doorstep.

Can I pair chocolate covered Mother's Day gifts with flowers?

You certainly can! When you place an order at From You Flowers, you can add as many items to your cart as you would like to, all going to the same address. They may not arrive at the same moment, but they will arrive on time for you.

How soon can you have chocolate covered treats shipped?

Though your location can play a role in what is available, most of our chocolate covered products are available for next day delivery! Order them today (as early in the day as possible), and we'll get them to your loved one's home on time. Typically, delivery is available Tuesday through Saturday.

How to Get Mother's Day Chocolate Covered Gifts Sent

Now that you have an idea of all of the options in Mother's Day chocolate covered treats, the next step is to find the perfect option to give that special someone in your life. Don't just send something to your mother, but also consider your grandmother, the neighbor that's always been sweet to you, and the best friend that you appreciate that's a mother to her own kids. With a wide range of chocolate covered treats for Mom, you may just want to pick up something special for yourself, too. From You Flowers makes it easy to find the perfect option for just about any need.