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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Send thoughtful flowers, original gifts, sweet treats, and more.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

For the person in your life that does everything to support you, has a smile on her face when she greets you, and means the world to you, giving the perfect Motherís Day flowers is a must. This Motherís Day gift guide helps you to see all of the opportunities available to you to give meaningful, memorable gifts she will cherish. From You Flowers makes it easy for you to find just `the right Motherís Day gift and flower bouquet for each mother in your life.

The Best Motherís Day Flowers

Motherís Day flowers are a sure winner when it comes to bringing a smile to her face. It's a classic gift and one that many appreciate, especially when you incorporate the best Mother's Day flowers for her into your gift. To help you choose, consider this Motherís Day gift guide to the best flowers for the day. Any of these is sure to brighten up the room and make her feel special.


Motherís Day roses are a fantastic choice. They showcase the love between mother and child. For the woman in your life that loves them, consider a few unique options.

  • Pure Elegance for Mom: Quite the stunning beauty, this floral arrangement for Motherís Day includes red and pink roses, white spray roses to compliment it, and light pink spray roses. Designed with care, itís truly an elegant gift.
  • One Dozen Light Pink Roses: For that person in your life that is simply beautiful inside and out, give the gift of a dozen roses. This sparks joy and is the perfect choice for an impressive display of love.
  • Two Dozen Rainbow Roses: Sheís vibrant and brings a smile to your face, which is why giving two dozen fabulously colored roses could be the best gift for her. Incorporating pink, purple, orange, peach, and yellow, this bouquet is as beautiful as she is.
  • Purple Pastel Glitter Roses: When sheís far more than just a simple rose to you, give her some sparkle. These roses can even come with a custom photo on the vase, perhaps a photo of the two of you together.
  • Luxury Dozen Preserved Red Roses: When you want your love to last, consider a gift of preserved roses. These will look fresh and beautiful for up to two years, offering a continuous reminder of your love for her.

Other Flowers

You can give many other flowers on Motherís Day. Choose flowers that she loves or that remind you of her. Since Motherís Day is in the spring, it can be the perfect time to choose flowers that are in bloom, but you can also select elegant, simple, and even some rare flowers to send as gifts this holiday. Here are a few recommendations.

  • Rainbow Tulip Bouquet: Tulips make for a very special springtime gift with their vibrant colors and simple beauty. This particular arrangement includes a range of colors to brighten up any room. These are perfect for the mother in your life that may appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • Stunning Sunflowers: Some women simply love the beauty and charm of the sunflower. If you know she is passionate about them, give this gift of sunflowers for Motherís Day. It could be the ideal choice for someone that needs a smile brought to their face as the golden ray of sunshine in your life.
  • Southern Peach Bouquet: Thereís something so refreshing and beautiful about peach roses that make them a fantastic choice for those looking for a fun, lighthearted arrangement to give for Motherís Day. The multiple colors of this bouquet, with white lilies and a succulent, makes for the perfect holiday choice.
  • Picturesque Purple Mini Orchid: For the woman in your life that enjoys plants and would rather have a potted plant that lasts than a bouquet, check out this stunning orchid. It's easy to care for this plant, and it produces such a vibrant purple hue that it lights up any room.
  • Serenity and Bliss: A ray of sunshine is the best way to describe this bouquet featuring Motherís Day lilies. It's a perfect combination of pink and white flowers, handcrafted to include the most stunning look. It will make an impression on her kitchen table.

Combinations of Motherís Day Flowers

Canít choose between just one of these flowers? Thereís no need to do so! From You Flowers has a large range of options that include multiple flowers for that special someone in your life. Check out some of our favorites in this Motherís Day gift guide.

  • Rose and Lily Celebration for Mom: Quite the impressive combination of pink Asiatic lilies, pink and red roses, and purple waxflowers, this arrangement is bright and beautiful. It is sure to be the one she takes to work to put on her desk to brag a bit to coworkers. The pink and purple color is perfect for its feminine touch.
  • Cotton Candy: Perhaps the woman in your life is more refined and appreciates a more sophisticated look. This particular bouquet is fantastic for just that. Stunning beauty in pink roses, white roses, and mini carnations helps to make this a truly chic choice. With a few green poms included, it is sure to be a stunning centerpiece.
  • Blue Skies & Sunshine: With its combination of yellow, white, and blue flowers, this arrangement is fantastic for those who want something bold and meaningful. It incorporates Asiatic lilies, yellow roses, blue delphinium, and purple monte casino to create a display of color and vibrance.
  • Luminous Garden Bouquet: When you really do not want to choose just one or two flowers for her, consider this arrangement. It incorporates all of her favorites, including yellow lilies, sunflowers, monte casino, orange roses, alstroemeria, and green poms.
  • Pink Rose Succulent Garden: For a long-lasting choice for her desk, consider this arrangement of flowers. Itís perfect for lighting up the entire room. It looks like its own lush garden with pink roses, alstroemeria, and mini carnations. Thereís also a succulent plant in the center, allowing for a more holistic look. With a few pops of bright pink roses, this is the type of arrangement thatís sure to come to life.

Motherís Day Gifts

Motherís Day flowers are often well-loved and expected, but you can offer other gifts, items that are sure to add to your flowers or be their own stand-alone option. Not every person loves flowers, but there is something available from us that is sure to offer the right fit for that special lady in your life. Check out some of the options in Motherís Day gifts at From You Flowers.

Covered in Chocolate

Sometimes, chocolate is the way to her heart. From You Flowers offers a wide range of fabulous options to choose from, all covered in decadent chocolate.

  • Love Chocolate Covered Berry Box: With six huge strawberries, this is a gift sheíll treasure, especially with the word ďloveĒ spelled out on the flowers. They are dipped in Belgian chocolate for something truly decadent.
  • LOVE Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies: Sometimes, it's the cookie that does her in. If you have fond memories of sharing these together, they make the ideal Mother's Day gift. These chocolate covered Oreos have beautiful patterns and colors on them and spell out ďlove.Ē She might be willing to share with you.
  • My Heart to Yours Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Pops: Take decadence to the next level with this fabulous gift. Sheíll receive 10 cheesecake bites (just enough to share) that are covered in milk, white, and dark chocolate. Itís totally perfect for that sweet woman in your life.
  • Belgian Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Twists: So much fun and full of the right combination of salty and sweet, these make a fantastic gift for Motherís Day. They are dipped in dark, white, and Belgian milk chocolates for fabulous depth of flavor and variety.
  • Belgian Chocolate Covered Jalapenos: A full pound of spicy jalapenos makes this an excellent chocolate-covered Motherís Day gift for the woman in your life that brings a bit of spice to it. Just the right bite of spice covered in decadent chocolate, she may want to keep these all for herself.

Gift Baskets

You donít have to choose just one type of gift. When you want Motherís Day gifts that offer something unique or special, these are some of the best options at From You Flowers. Spoil her with a sweet gift basket for Motherís Day!

  • Lavish Lavender Spa Set: She works hard and deserves some pampering. With this fabulous spa gift basket and a bit of time alone for a long bath, she'll finally be able to relax. It offers shower gel, body lotion, scrubs, a bit of vanilla bath caviar, a fabulous foot soak, and a few other items perfect for the lavender-vanilla-loving lady in your life.
  • Chocolate Brownie Bites: The perfect addition to a flower arrangement, this gift comes with 16 luxurious brownie bites with a range of toppings. Rich and creamy, they are the perfect way to spoil that special lady in your life that needs it.
  • Gourmet Game Night: Let's face it. She always says the only thing she wants is time with you. Make it a fun experience with this gift basket packed with snacks, some card games, a bit of popcorn, and a fun combination of salsas.
  • Forever Rose and Necklace Gift Set: Quite exquisite, this unique gift comes with a stunning forever rose, one that will last for up to two years. It is paired with a sterling silver heart necklace and tucked into a beautiful box. If she's the type of woman that loves jewelry and meaningful gifts, sheíll cherish this one.

Motherís Day Plants

Ready to offer something a bit more charming to the lady in your life, perhaps something that lasts? These are the best plants for Motherís Day sheíll enjoy for years to come.

  • Daffodil Sunshine Bulb Garden: Not only is this beautiful with bright colors and a springtime feel, but it also has such an amazing scent to it that it will fill the room. This plant blooms within three weeks of arrival and offers a combination of daffodils, hyacinth, and muscari, all in a cute tin.
  • Radiant Red Rose Plant: She loves roses, but you want to give her flowers that last longer than a few weeks. This is an excellent choice. It is a red mini rose plant she can keep near a window with ample light. The blooms are nothing short of stunning.
  • Succulent Jade Bonsai Tree: Beautiful, simple, and elegant, this Bonsai tree will bring years of beauty to her home.
  • Petal Perfection Orchid Plant Duo: Quite charming, this orchid duo is designed to be easy to grow and fall in love with. Watch it bloom and flourish for years to come.

When it comes to choosing a Motherís Day gift, this guide offers a solid starting point. Just remember, with From You Flowers, you also have the ability to choose a wide selection of Motherís Day flowers outside of these choices. You can also add to them with fun teddy bears, balloons, and even chocolates that sheíll love. From You Flowers offers everything you need, even those last minute gifts. If you need same-day or next-day Mother's Day flowers, count on us to help you find them!