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Terms & Conditions: Welcome to the Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") for From You Flowers Amazon Prime Day ("Prime Day"). These Terms and Conditions govern the From You Flowers Prime Day Program, which is brought to you by From You Flowers, LLC. Your use of the website and your participation in the From You Flowers Prime Day Program are also subject to our Privacy Policy. Your From You Flowers Prime Day participation subjects you to these Terms and Conditions; please review these Terms and Conditions carefully.

Promotion BENEFITS
Your Amazon Prime membership entitles you (the "Member") to free delivery or no service fees on eligible purchases during Prime Day. There is no minimum purchase requirement.

The From You Flowers Prime Day Program must be purchased online and applies to items purchased online after signing-in as a Member of the Amazon Prime Program. For the Free Delivery or No Service Fee benefit to apply, your Amazon Prime Membership account must be active at the time of purchase. There will be no retroactive reimbursements for purchases made without an active Amazon Prime account. Certain items are excluded from eligibility, including but not limited to:

- For deliveries outside of the US the delivery fee or service fee will be waived but the international fee will not be waived.
- Expediting delivery fee for Guaranteed AM delivery will not be waived.
- Same Day Delivery fee will not be waived.
- Any promotions, discounts or other benefits available on From You Flowers partner or affiliate websites such as airlines, credit card company memberships, other partner membership programs, discount directory loyalty programs with From You Flowers or From You Flowers affiliate websites, or From You Flowers direct mail and insert discount programs cannot be combined with From You Flowers benefits of free delivery or no service fees.

Only items purchased directly via are eligible.

If you make a purchase including some eligible items and some items that are not eligible for free delivery or no service fee, you will be required to pay the delivery charges or service fee applicable for the ineligible items.

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