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Mother's Day Plant Delivery

Plants for Mother's Day

Plants are the perfect gift to send for Mother's Day. From Mother's Day rose plants to hydrangea plants and more, you will easily find a beautiful Mother's Day plant. Whether you are looking for a Mother's Day flowering plant or a classic house plant, all the plants are easy to care for and beautiful. Mother's Day plants can be delivered on Mother's Day, with a card message.

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Mother's Day Plants

This year, give Mom a gift that shows how much you appreciate everything she's done for you over the years. Make her feel special on Mothers Day with a lush green or colorful blooming plant. House plants are a perfect gift for Mothers Day because they last longer than a bouquet of flowers, and can continue to brighten her day for months or even years to come. Or, a collection of potted bulb plants can make the perfect addition to her garden. From elegant orchids in every color to lush green houseplants, we have a wide selection of plants and pots for any taste. And, your gift will be complete with a personalized card where you can write your own special message or share a memory you have of your mom.

Mothers Day Plant Delivery

From You Flowers offers a wide variety of green and flowering plants available for Mothers Day Delivery across the United States. Even if you cannot see your mother in person this Mothers Day, you can still make her day with a fresh, beautiful plant delivered right to her door. Even last minute shoppers can have a stunning Mothers Day plant delivered with Next-Day Delivery available on many of our most popular items.

Mothers Day Plant Ideas

Not sure what kind of plant to choose? Check out some of these great options for Mothers Day plants:

  • Bonsai - Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art of growing plants in such a way that mimics a full size tree. These miniature trees can come in the form of many different types of plants. There are Japanese juniper bonsai trees, Hawaiian umbrella bonsais, jade plant bonsais, and even flowering gardenia bonsais. They require minimal watering and add a touch of zen to any space.
  • Orchids - A potted orchid plant makes a stunning statement and is the perfect way to make someone feel special. From You Flowers offers orchids large and small in many colors to choose from - shades of deep purple, elegant white, peachy pinks, and even blue.
  • Succulents - From You Flowers offers succulents from Lula's Garden. Each purchase of a Lula's Garden planter provides six months' worth of safe water for one person in the developing world via water.org. Choose from single potted succulent plants, or a box of three. Succulents are easy to maintain; they require minimal watering and thrive with ample indirect light. Our succulents even come with a plastic dropper for easy watering.
  • Houseplants - We also offer a wide selection of easy-to-care-for potted houseplants. Besides being beautiful to look at, plants are said to improve mood, boost concentration, and even clean the air in your home. Popular houseplants we offer include the money tree, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune, anthuriums with bright red or pink blooms, ZZ plants, fiddle leaf fig plants, snake plants, dracaena plants, philodendrons, coffee plants, ferns, and more.

Send a Plant for Mothers Day

Plants are a thoughtful, long-lasting gift sure to brighten Mom's day this year.