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Funeral Arrangements

Honor the life of a loved one by sending a beautiful funeral flower arrangement. All of the funeral flowers are hand-arranged by a local florist partner near you. We offer a variety of funeral floral arrangements including funeral bouquets, funeral floral stands and funeral flower wreaths. There are a collection of cheap funeral flowers all the way to luxury flowers for a funeral. Each bouquet is delivered with a card, to send your message of love.

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Flowers For Funerals

Send a stunning floral arrangement to express your sympathy during this difficult time. From You Flowers offers a beautiful selection of flower arrangements for funerals to choose from. From standing sprays created with fresh, seasonal flowers to funeral flower baskets and more, you will easily find an arrangement to show you care. From You Flowers offers a wide range of flowers for funerals at any price from inexpensive funeral flowers to exquisite standing sprays. Delivery is available the same day or next day with a personalized card message to send a note.

What are the appropriate flowers for a funeral?

The most appropriate funeral flowers to send are all white flower arrangements, funeral floral baskets, funeral stands or a funeral spray. Deciding what is the perfect flower bouquet to send for a funeral can be difficult. There are a variety of funeral arrangements and price points that makes it confusing as you shop. From You Flowers' would like to help you make the ideal choice to send in memory of a friend, family member or loved one.

  • Funeral Flower Bouquet: The lowest cost funeral arrangement is a flower bouquet. Flower bouquets are perfect to send to a home to let them know are you thinking about them during this hard time. Funeral bouquets are often sent by friends or co-workers.
  • Funeral Flower Basket: The next level up is the funeral flower basket, these are arrangements which are larger and delivered to the funeral home. The floral basket will be placed in the collection of gifts and floral stems sent to the family. A floral basket is an ideal gift to send with a group of co-workers or acquaintances.
  • Funeral Flower Stands: Last are the Funeral flower stands, which is a gift sent by close family or very close friends. The stands are created by local florists with seasonal flowers displayed on a stand which is always delivered to the funeral home.

How do you order flowers for a funeral?

Ordering flowers for a funeral is slightly different then a typical floral delivery order. You will need the location and time of the funeral, as well as an understanding of what type of arrangement you would like to have delivered in the memory of a loved one or friend.

  1. Receive Funeral Home Information: Gather the name and address of the funeral home. Often one of our local florist partners will deliver the flowers you order straight to the funeral home. You will also need the time of the funeral and the name of the person who has passed. At times there can be multiple funerals at one funeral home, so passing the information on during the order of who they are in memory of and what time the service is, will assist the local florist in ensuring the flowers are there on-time.
  2. Decide on a Funeral Flower Arrangement Type: There is a variety of funeral flower bouquets that can be created. We offer the classic funeral flower arrangements, which are perfect to send as a family or as an individual with a note. If you are sending flowers as a group of co-workers or friends, you can choose a larger arrangement including the funeral floral stands. And last if you are not sure what to purchase, sending a funeral plant is a good choice, the family can keep it after the service as a memory.
  3. Write a Card Message: Each of the funeral deliveries includes a card message to write a sweet memory and to note who the flowers came from.

Let us take care of assisting you in sending a beautiful funeral flower arrangement to celebrate the life of someone who was precious to you.