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Christmas Poinsettias

Poinsettia Delivery

Send the perfect holiday gift this year with our Poinsettia delivery. These festive Christmas plants are a wonderful gift for friends, family and co-workers. Christmas poinsettia is a classic holiday plant and a colorful gift for the season.

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Send a Poinsettia Plant

Celebrate the season with a beautiful poinsettia flower plant. With our poinsettia, Christmas gifts are a traditional choice to send to friends, co-workers and family. The bright red color is a vibrant way to fill a home with the colors of the holidays. Easy to take care of and a long-lasting home plant Christmas poinsettia are the perfect gift. Shop our plants for delivery today, all available for same day delivery from California to Florida and more.

How do you care for a Poinsettia?

Here are a few tips for caring for a poinsettia plant. First they enjoy the sun, so try to keep them near a sunny spot in your home. Only water the plant when the soil at the top is feeling dry, poinsettia do not enjoy sitting in excess water. And lastly they enjoy being in temperatures around 70 degrees. It would be best to keep them away from cold breezes or drastic changes in temperature. Enjoy your flowering plant!

What Temperature Do Poinsettias Like?

Even though poinsettias are native to Central America, you should keep them in a relatively cool environment. They do best in temperatures from fifty to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above seventy degrees will cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off with chilling temperatures causing a similar reaction. Similarly, keep your poinsettia plant out of direct sunlight. Instead, place it where the plant can get at least six hours of indirect sunlight every day and remember to water it regularly.

How Long Will My Poinsettia Last?

The plant itself will survive for as long as you care for it properly. After the holidays, the colorful red leaves, known as bracts, will fade. Even though the plant may lose its color, the poinsettia still makes an excellent house plant. After the bracts fall, trim back the plant to about eight inches in height to allow for new growth to occur. Fertilize every few weeks to ensure it is happy and healthy. When the weather starts to warm up to above fifty degrees, you can even bring your poinsettia outside. Once it starts cooling down again, though, make sure to take it back inside so you can begin to revive its beautiful colors just in time for the Holidays once again.

While it may seem daunting at first, re-flowering is a simple and exciting process. Starting in October, keep your poinsettia in total darkness for fourteen continuous hours each night. This can be easily done by placing it in a dark closet or enclosing it in a box. Depending upon the plant, your poinsettia should respond and come into full bloom in November or December. Instead of going out and buying one each year, you can have the peace of mind from saving money during the expensive Holiday season while also having the satisfaction of growing your own beautiful poinsettia.