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What is the Most Popular Christmas Plant?

Everyone knows that Christmas flowers are an important part of any festive holiday occasion, but did you know that there are famous Christmas plants too? Read on for more information on this famous red Christmas flower and why people love it so much.

Poinsettia plant is the most popular Christmas plant

What is the Christmas Plant Called?

The most popular Christmas plant is the poinsettia. Theyíre frequently just called the red Christmas flowers because thatís how socially accepted they are as the premier Christmas flower. Poinsettias are plants with very large oversized blossoming flowers. Theyíre bright red and have large green leaves below. There are other colors of poinsettias that are popular, but the red plant is most common and most sought after. If you want to try something nontraditional look for a light-red, pink, or white poinsettia instead.

The next time someone asks you, what is the red flower commonly used at Christmas, youíll know to tell them itís called a poinsettia. You can also let them know it most commonly itís delivered in its plant form and not really as a flower by itself. People often say the center of this flower has green berries, but what you see are the bracts or involucre of the flower. They look like green or yellow berries, but these are actually nectar glands. If you were looking for what the Christmas plant is called, and it looks different than the poinsettia, there are some other popular choices. The following are very popular types of Christmas plants, though not as famous as the poinsettia.

Other Types of Famous Christmas Plants:

Amaryllis Plant

The amaryllis plant is also sometimes referred to as the Christmas flower, but is still greatly overshadowed by the poinsettia. This plant also has a large red budding flower and is frequently given around the holidays as a gift. Red amaryllis plants are slightly harder to find locally but are still favorites for Christmas. Whereas the poinsettia grows outward and creates a more full and rounded shape, the amaryllis plant grows upwards for a taller, slimmer silhouette. You can pick from red, jade green, white, hot pink, orange, and even double colored amaryllis plants. These plants are sometimes confused with lily plants, because their size and shape are similar. If you look closely youíll note the differences immediately. The amaryllis has a soft fragility that the lily does not have. Also note the curved stigma of the amaryllis and the straight stigma of a lily.

Christmas Cactus

A cactus for Christmas? The Christmas cactus is a longtime favorite for shoppers all over the United States. This plant comes in a variety of colors, but not surprisingly, the red cactus plant is the most ordered online and in florist shops. Part of the reason for these potted plants popularity is the lack of care required. Cactus plants are good indoor plants that arenít terribly high maintenance. Since theyíre cacti they also donít need constant watering. With a beautiful holiday colored red flower and simple care requirements, itís easy to see why shoppers love them.

Christmas Tree

For some people itís still hard to believe that their large Christmas tree is indeed a plant. You may not deliver a Christmas tree in the mail like these other holiday plants, but it is technically a Christmas plant. When someone wants to send Christmas tree plants, they typically opt for Christmas tree bouquets like these instead. In fact, these miniature trees are so popular you can even pick from different shapes, sizes, and even pick which colored ornaments and decorations you like best.

Christmas tree plant
Christmas wreath

Holly Plant

Holly plants, or rather holly bushes, are sent as gifts as much as the other varieties mentioned here, but theyíre frequently used for decorating. Youíll often find holly berry stems used in Christmas wreaths and centerpieces for the dining table around the holiday season. Oddly enough, though holly berries are the most famous Christmas berry, these plants donít grow well in snow as theyíre portrayed. They get easily damaged by snow and wind too. They grow most easily during the spring and fall. If you look at historical photos, youíll also see holly berries used in the spring for the most fashionable womenís hats.

Something Funny to Note

The most famous flowers for Christmas time arenít really flowers, they are in fact plants. Not only are they plants, but theyíre tropical plants. The famous Christmas song Mele Kalikimaka makes more sense now doesnít it? Now that you have all the information about Christmas plant types, youíll know how to answer that age-old question that repeats every year. What is the name of the red Christmas flowers? Itís the poinsettia, and if thatís not it, then you now know what the plants are called.


It wouldnít be Christmas without mistletoe. Everyone who has read any kind of Christmas story knows that hanging mistletoe above their door will result in free kisses for all who venture below it. You wonít find a mistletoe plant at your local florist though, and there are a few reasons for that. Not only is this a poisonous Christmas plant, but itís also grown in the desert. This parasitic plant is dangerous when ingested by anyone, including your pet. Since itís also originally from the desert, you can guess how long it will last outside in the snow hanging above your door. Knowing all of this, people still love the thematic holiday representation that it offers. Do yourself a favor and buy some fake mistletoe and hang it safely outside your door. You can still spread the love this holiday season without a real parasite attached to your doorstep.

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