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Candy Bouquets

Candy Basket Delivery

Our sweet bouquets of candy make an unexpected gift perfect for any sweets-lover in your life. Overflowing with sweet treats, they're perfectly delicious for any occasion! Shop delicious candy bouquet to gift to your loved one or friend. Find the perfect Easter candy bouquet to send to your significant other. A Candy Gift Basket if the perfect treat to send today for any occasion including get well and birthday.

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Candy Delivery

Know someone with a sweet tooth? Send them one of From You Flowers unique candy gift baskets! Overflowing with popular chocolate products from snickers to kit-kats and more. New to our collection are Candy Cakes, a unique birthday candy cake is a great present. We also have luxury candy arrangements with chocolate from Harry David and more. Some of our gift baskets are available for delivery to help celebrate the special occasion happening today. With every order you place with From You Flowers you will receive a 100% Customers Satisfaction Guarantee. We are here for you today and for all your future online flower and gift basket needs.

Candy Baskets

Send a unique gift with our collection of candy bar bouquets that are sure to make a statement. We offer a fun variety which includes a Snickers Candy Bouquet, Reese's Candy Bouquet and a Skittles Candy Bouquet. Each of these gifts use the candy bars to create a vase, for a stylish gift basket. Inside the candy vases are more candy bars that arranged like flowers in a vase. All of these candy bar bouquets can be delivered next day, perfect for a birthday or get well gift.

Unique Candy Bouquets

  • Reese's Candy Bouquet: Yes! A whole candy bouquet made with delicious Reese's candy bars! What a great gift to send for his birthday or to a kid at their college dorm.
  • Snickers Candy Bouquet: Could anything get better then having a bunch of Snicker's candy bars delivered to your house or work, that are all arranged to look like a bouquet? What a way to say Happy Birthday!
  • Candy Cake: Sure you have always loved cake, but have you ever tried The Ultimate Candy Cake?! This cake is made out of your favorite candies including Skittles and Sour Patch Kids all designed to look like a cake. This truly is the ultimate candy gift.

Halloween Candy Delivery

Celebrate a kid in your life by sending them a yummy Halloween candy basket. Pick the perfect candy Halloween basket for kids including for both boys and girls. Chocolate, sour candy and chocolate covered Oreos are all available for delivery on Halloween.

What type of Candy Bouquets are popular?

There are so many different kinds of candy bouquets to love! The most popular candy bouquets for delivery are popular candy bar gift basket, chocolate covered candy, sweet and salty candy baskets and single candy bar gifts, like the Snickers candy bouquet. Each of these candy bouquets are a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions.

How Can I Send Candy?

Sending candy it just as easy (and much tastier) than sending flowers. From You Flowers offers the option to send a variety of treats, including candy. You can send our very popular Candy Bouquets which include popular candy bars from Hershey to Twix and more. Or you could send chocolate covered cookies and brownies. The candy basket category has dozens of candy bouquets that you can send in the USA. Simply choose which candy gift you would like to send, fill-in the delivery zip-code and then pick a delivery date that works best for you.

What are the best candy gifts?

The best candy gifts to send are the ones you think the recipient would best like. From You Flowers has a wide variety of candy gifts to send that are tasty and appropriate for all candy tastes. If you want to send candy that looks like a bouquet of flowers, we have that! If you want to send a variety of candy that would be perfect for a movie night in, you're in lucky. We have baskets full of all sorts of treats, salty and sweet - including candy - that are very popular and better when you aren't exactly sure what someone's favorite candy is.