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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Send thoughtful flowers, original gifts, sweet treats, and more.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Giving a meaningful, special gift to someone on Valentine’s Day should be a priority. Showing that you love them, want them to be happy, and perhaps even want to spoil them a bit is sure to bring a smile to their face. No matter if you are choosing Valentine’s flowers for the love of your life or something sweet for a grandparent, friend, or neighbor that’s always good to you, you’ll find what you need in our Valentine’s Gift Guide. From You Flowers offers everything you need to make someone feel cherished this year.

The Best Valentine’s Flowers

There is nothing more classic for Valentine’s Day than flowers. Flowers can make the cold of winter a bit brighter while also sharing a vibrance and beauty like nothing else. There are a lot of options when it comes to flowers for this holiday – you can think outside the box, too. Take a look at our recommendations for flowers in this Valentine's Gift Guide.

Red Roses

Valentine’s Day roses are the perfect romantic gift for this special day. They symbolize love and passion, especially the classic long stem red rose. While giving roses is popular, you do have a few options to consider here.

  • One Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses: This is perhaps the most common Valentine's Day gift. Bright, beautiful red roses with just a bit of greenery and baby’s breath make for a very special gift. This timeless bouquet could be the easiest gift to give that is sure to impress your loved one.

  • Pure Romance – 1 Dozen: Another option is to give 12 hand picked premium red roses. What makes this bouquet different is that they are wrapped in kraft paper to create a romantic, more old world feel. It will look as though you went to the flower shop to pick out the perfect flowers for your loved one. You can also purchase this with 18 or 24 roses if you feel 12 is just not enough to showcase your love.

  • 50 Red Roses SOLD OUT: Another option is a bit more elaborate and luxurious. This one features stunning bright red roses with pink wax and ruscus. The keepsake vase helps to tie the whole thing together. These are truly a masterpiece for those who mean so much to you.

Other Colored Roses

You don’t have to give red roses. Perhaps the love of your life prefers a different color. You can also gift other colored roses as a way to honor a special friendship or the love you have for your child, grandparent, or parent. For Valentine’s Day roses like this, consider the following:

  • One Dozen White Roses: Exceptionally elegant, this arrangement provides a clear message of love. The white roses are breathtakingly delicate, so much so that many people enjoy white over any other color.

  • Luxurious Lavender Roses: A burst of beauty, this arrangement is the type of gift that showcases love and character. These lavender roses are dazzling with their rich, deep color and stunning arrangement. They are perfect for anyone that’s royalty in your mind.

  • Two Dozen Assorted Sweetheart Roses: Sometimes, just a dozen isn’t enough. When red isn’t the only color you want to honor that special someone with either, choose this arrangement. It includes red, pink, purple, and white roses in a fabulous display. Full of charm and life, this is a bouquet that will brighten up any day.

Other Flowers

Valentine's flowers can be more than roses – and if your loved one is special, unique, and even eclectic, they may appreciate a bouquet with lots of different flowers. If you want to give something truly special, choose colors you know they will like or select flowers in a color pattern that reminds you of that person. There are wide varieties to consider, but here are a few of the best Valentine's flowers.

  • Rose & Lily Celebration: Exceptionally vibrant, this arrangement includes several flowers – pink Asiatic lilies, pink and red roses, alstroemeria, and purple waxflowers. They come together in an incredible look – bright, full of life, and super sweet. It’s a large bouquet, too, which is sure to make that special someone feel even more important (choose from the regular, deluxe, and premium sizes).

  • Pink Surprise Bouquet: Is there someone in your life that's sweet and special to you? Perhaps they are young and full of life. Give flowers that match them! This arrangement is full of bright pink roses, white daisies, and pink mini carnations, all bundled together to create a beautiful display. It offers dimension and character like no other arrangement.

  • Love Is In The Air: Full of passion, this bouquet has beautiful, deeply colored flowers. Choose the deluxe size for an impressive bouquet. It includes red roses, purple alstroemeria, purple monte casino, and a beautiful red ribbon around them. This is a fantastic arrangement for someone that enjoys luxuriousness.

Valentine’s Gifts

Sometimes, just flowers are not enough. Other times, there is someone in your life you want to cherish on this day, but they may not appreciate or like flowers. That's okay! There are plenty of fabulous flower options available that can bring a smile to their face. Here are some of our recommendations for Valentine's gifts.

Covered in Chocolate

What doesn’t tempt a person more than chocolate? Today, you can choose from a wide range of chocolate-covered items that are perfect for the sweet tooth in your life. Here are some fantastic recommendations.

  • Love Chocolate Covered Berry Box: You’ll find several chocolate covered berry options available because they are so tasty. This one is special because it spells out the word “love” on the roses. It comes with six fresh strawberries hand dipped in Belgian chocolate for a rich, sweet treat like no other. It's a fabulously romantic gift.

  • My Heart to Yours Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Pops: Even more decadent, this is the type of tempting treat that is sure to be a favorite. There are 10 cheesecake bites in this assortment with dark, white, and milk chocolate covered them. Some also have sprinkles, and others have heart shapes. Too cute and charming to pass up, you'll bring a smile to someone's face with this treat.

  • Belgian Chocolate Covered Jalapenos: Is your love spicy? Does that special someone love some heat? This is the perfect sweet and spicy combination for them. It comes with a pound of spicy jalapenos that have been dipped in Belgian chocolate – white, dark, and milk varieties. It’s a stunning presentation, too.

  • Don’t go too far if you’re looking for other options. Consider brownies, fruit, and nuts covered in chocolate, too!

Gift Baskets

Sometimes you want to give a Valentine’s gift that’s a bit more luxurious. Gift baskets do some amazing things to bring a smile to someone’s face. Here are some of the best options to check out.

  • Coffee and Chocolate Gift Basket: If your Valentine loves chocolate and coffee this is the gift basket for you. This basket is packed with snacks and a variety of premium ground coffees.

  • Super Sweet Candy Box SOLD OUT: Does your Valentine have a sweet tooth? This gift features an assortment of 20 pieces of the most popular candies.

  • Relax, Rest, and Repeat Jewelry Gift Set: Spoil your loved one just a bit with this treat. It includes a stunning Brook & York Rose Quartz Nola Gemstone Pendant, Sugarfina Bubble Bears, Sweet Water Décor – Spa Day Soy Candle, and an eye mask. Set the stage for relaxation with this special treat.

  • Want something a bit different? Consider a candy bar bouquet or a snack box with all of their favorite treats. You’ll find various wine gift sets, fabulous lounge and spa day gift sets, and flowers with bears and chocolate, too!

Valentine’s Plants

Your love is lasting, which is why giving the gift of plants, rather than just a bouquet of flowers, could be much more appreciated by someone special in your life. The good news is there are lots of special ways to do this, and we have plenty of selections for you to choose from. Here are some fantastic options:

  • Pretty Pink Mini Rose Plant SOLD OUT: So cute and just the right size for a window sill, this plant is a fantastic choice for those who love the delicate beauty of roses. Are you giving to a friend? Consider the Yellow Mino Potted Rose Plant or the White Mini Rose Potted Plant for alternative colors.

  • Pink Azalea Bonsai: There is something alluring and unique about this plant, like all bonsai. It has been carefully crafted to create a stunning, balanced bonsai shape with bright pink blossoms. It will bloom in May and June. For something with a bit more elegance, consider the Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree for its charm and class.

  • Sweetheart Bamboo Plant: This is such a charming gift anyone can appreciate with its twisted bamboo that’s carefully shaped into a heart. If you want to cherish your love or even tell someone you miss them, this is a fun way to do that. It’s super simple and right to the point.

  • Snowy White Orchid Plant: Orchids are such delicate and special plants, and they make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for someone that is beautiful and stunning to you. This option features a snowy white color that measures between 16 and 30 inches. It’s perfect for a bedroom windowsill.

Valentine’s Succulents

Looking for something unique? A succulent garden is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day that will bring life and beauty to your Valentine for years to come. From Lula's Garden, these succulents are sure to impress this February 14th.

Make Any Gift That Much More Special

There are many flower bouquets and other gifts available through From You Flowers that may be the perfect choice for that special someone in your life. Don’t overlook the importance of completing that gift with a few extras If you want to give someone a way to hug you when you are far away, consider including a soft, furry teddy bear with your gift. Choose from several sizes to give something sweet and touching to the person you love. Chocolate is always the perfect gift to include with an arrangement of flowers or a Valentine’s plant. You can choose from several box sizes perfect for that special someone in your life. They feature assorted chocolates full of flavor. Are you sending a loved one, perhaps even your child, a gift this Valentine's Day? Add a few Mylar balloons to the mix. This can help to transform a simple gift of flowers or candy into something a bit more special. You can choose the number of balloons along with the look of them.

Finding the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Loved One

Take a few minutes to consider all of the options in this Valentine’s gift guide and everything available to you from From You Flowers. This Valentine’s Day, make it special. From stunning flowers you know they will love in bright red vases to the use of a personalized picture vase – perhaps with a meaningful photo of you and your loved one together – you have lots to choose from today. You cannot go wrong with all of the options available to you here.