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Garland Flower Delivery

Send Flowers to Garland

Garland, TX, is a city located in the Northeast of Dallas and part of Dallas’s Fort Worth metroplex. It’s rated as the second-best city in Texas and 16th in the nation to buy a family home. It has 40 parks, six recreation centers, a low crime rate, and a good education system. The city is also made up of diverse groups of people who have lived together in harmony as bees in a field of flowers. Speaking of flowers, you can have a bouquet delivered to a special someone on a special occasion.

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Mayberry Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care Homes
3272 North Garland Avenue
Garland, Texas 75040

Garland Serenity Home
4626 Candlestick Drive
Garland, Texas 75043

Silver Click Assisted Living
1246 Colonel Drive
Garland, Texas 75043

Heavenly Gate Funeral Services
702 Gatewood Road
Garland, Texas 75042

Pilar Funeral Home
650 Wood Avenue Drive
Garland, Texas 75040

Eastgate Funeral Home
1910 Eastgate Drive
Garland, Texas 75041

Garland VA Medical Center
2300 Marine Curie Boulevard
Garland, Texas 75042

Garland Veterans Hospital
700 Walter Reed Boulevard
Garland, Texas 75042

Perimeter Behavioral Hospital of Dallas
2696 West Walnut Street
Garland, Texas 75042

Dallas College Garland Central
675 West Walnut Street
Garland, Texas 75040

Amberton University
1700 Eastgate Drive
Garland, Texas 75041

Remington College- Dallas Campus
1800 Eastgate Drive
Garland, Texas 75041

To the West of the Garland, you will find The Enclave. A serene neighborhood with good schools, parks and a low crime rate and mostly middle-class families. Just like The Enclave, Meadowood has the same vibe, and life is pretty similar.

Coomer Creek and Creek Bend neighborhoods in Garland have a low employment rate, high life expectancy and a dull life if you’re used to a more fast-paced life in a city. Although, Garland takes the pie with their amazing parks. Commer Park in Commer is one of the best relaxation spots in the region, and people like to walk and relax there.

Around these areas, it seems like parks connect all the neighborhoods. The people in Duck Creek and Firewheel have grown to appreciate the outdoors; the fresh air from all the greenery and flowers still make for great gift.

Popular Places in Garland

The well-known Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland has 650 species of plants and trees that are 0ver 300 years old. Garland is also a very green city and has dedicated over 2,880 acres of land to parks. In 1927, the city was destroyed by a hurricane, and many people lost their lives, including the mayor at the time.

Garland is also known for its stylish hats worn by celebrities and many people around the world that are produced by Resisto hats. The garland landmark museum holds antiquities and documents that date back to the 1850s that document the city’s history.

Garland has a street named after the television series Star Trek, the first Star Trek-inspired street in the country. Keeping with the TV series theme, did you know that the famous Walker Texas Ranger was shot in the city?

Some notable NFL players have also called Garland home, including place-kicker Mac Percival and cornerback Jacob Lacey. Garland is a great place for athletes with spectacular facilities to play in, such as the Moody Colesium, home to basketball games and Gerald J Ford Stadium, where all the football action happens.

If sinking a hole in nine is more your thing. The parks around Garland make for a wonderful patting ground, but the world-class golfing facilities all around will have to do. You can practice your backstroke and get pointers from some of the best golfers that grace the facilities.

Garland is honestly a rich place and even richer in its history. People around these areas have relatively good lives and little to complain about. It’s amazing that after all that action and richness in history, people around these areas still like to mark their special moments with a flower.