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Send Flowers to Maryland

From You Flowers is your go-to provider for beautiful bouquets of flowers delivered to just about anyone in Maryland. Whether you want to say thank you or you want to ensure your loved one fully knows how much you appreciate them on your anniversary, we have the flowers for you. Expect exceptional options and high-quality flowers. With our floral partners ready to go, you can pick out something perfectly sweet and stunning to send to someone you care about today. Ask us about available next day arrival, too.

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Black-Eyed Susan
Maryland State Flower:
Black-Eyed Susan

Native Flowers: Chokecherry, Swamp Rose, Blue Violet, South Arrowwood, New England Aster

Common Flowers: Coneflower, Marigold, Hyacinth

State Flower: Black-Eyed Susan

Largest Cities: Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Waldorf

Nickname: The Free State