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Sympathy Plants

Funeral Plant Arrangements

Send a beautiful plant for sympathy to let someone know you are thinking of them. Sympathy plants are a wonderful gift in times of need. Send a funeral plant to celebrate a life of a friend or loved one.

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Common Funeral Plants

  • Dish Garden: A variety of green plants are arranged into a woven basket that is easy-to-care for. With a collection of different plants, a sympathy dish garden brings a nice feeling to a room.
  • Floor Plant: Green floor plants are larger then most delivered plants. A sympathy floor plant will last for months, if not years reminding everyone of the wonderful memory of the person who was lost.
  • Succulent Garden: Succulent plants have become popular to send for any occasions, including sympathy. A succulent plant general doesn't need more care, but still brings a hit of green to any room.
  • Peace Lily: A flowering peace lily plant is the most common funeral plant. Choose to send the peace lily plant to a funeral home or to a residence. Representing peace during difficult times, these wonderful plant is a classic choice.

Funeral Plant

Need sympathy plants delivered today? From You Flowers has a beautiful collection of sympathy plants for same day delivery and next day delivery. Plants are a wonderful choice to send to someone going through a difficult time. They tend to be easy to care for, but beautiful to have around a home or office space. Online sympathy plants come in a range of sizes from floor plants to basket plants and classic peace lily plant. When you order your plants on fromyouflowers.com you will receive a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on your order. If you have any questions about your order or what to send feel free to call us 24 hours a day, we are here for you.

What do you send for condolences instead of flowers?

In the case that you need to send something as a condolence gift, there are a variety of options other than flowers. You can send a condolence plant, to send something living but not flowers. Additionally, we have a collection of sympathy gift baskets if you are looking to send a condolence gift that isn't flowers. Anything from fruit baskets to cookie gift baskets, there are many options for condolence gifts.

What is a good plant to send for sympathy?

From You Flowers has a collection of sympathy gifts that are appropriate to send as a condolence gift. There are some bigger plants that you could send, such as a peace lily or a floor plant. If you want to send a plant for sympathy you can also send something such as an orchid or a dish garden.

What plant is for remembrance?

When you're looking to send a plant for remembrance, often times a good choice is a plant that flowers. There are a variety of plants that are easy and small, but offer a sign of life and hope for flowering. One classic plant for remembrance is an orchid, which offers the elegance and comfort.