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The city of Richmond stands as the state capital of Virginia. Found on the James River, it’s at the very heart of the state. Richmond holds deep ties to two major eras in the history of America. It was at some point a hotbed of independence during colonial times. During the Civil War, Richmond also served as the capital of the Confederacy. Deeply rooted in history, many of Richmond's attractions portray the Civil War story. They are also a large depiction of the life and tranquillity the south fought to protect. Locals are cheerful and full of life. Tourists don't just come to Richmond for its past. The area also features lively and safe neighborhoods and an active cultural life. In Richmond, you can find activities for all ages. If you need to send flowers to someone in Richmond. You can trust us to get them to exactly where they need to be. Better yet, we deliver them in pristine condition.

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Saint Francis Home
65 West Clopton Street
Richmond, VA 23225

Chestnut Grove Assisted Living
9010 Woodman Road
Richmond, VA 23228

Masonic Home Of Virginia
500 Masonic Lane
Richmond, VA 23223

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
1800 Lakeside Avenue
Henrico, VA 23228

Margaret Streb Conifer Garden
1800 Lakeside Avenue
Richmond, VA 23228

Joseph Jenkins Jr Funeral Home
2011 Grayland Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220

Bennett Funeral Home
3215 Cutshaw Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230

Mimms Funeral Services
1827 Hull Street
Richmond, VA 23224

VCU Medical Center Main Hospital
1250 East Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital
5801 Bremo Road
Richmond, VA 23226

VCU Medical Center North Hospital
1300 E Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23219

UCVirginia Commonwealth UniversitySF
907 Floyd Avenue
Richmond, VA 23284

University of Richmond
410 Westhampton Way
Richmond, VA 23173

Va Commonwealth University
730 East Broad Street #2050
Richmond, VA 23219

The collections that feature in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts are said to be the envy of most larger museums in much larger cities.The place has permanent galleries filled with early 20th-century European art. It includes art works by renown French artists, the likes of Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, and Pablo Picasso among many others.

Not only do visitors get to witness attractions like the nation’s preeminent Fabergé jewelled Easter eggs collection, but they can also view enamelled boxes as well as trinkets. The museum also has other works in enamel along with precious stones sculpted by other premier Russian artists.

It was the museum’s Fischer Collection of Modernist works that bolstered it as an international hub. Some of the other world-known collections include French Impressionists like English silver and collections of Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts houses both Modern and Contemporary American art. Visitors also get exposed to South Asian, Himalayan, and African art, too. For a full-blown cultural experience, be sure to walk among the displays of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.The museum is located at 200 North Arthur Ashe Boulevard in Richmond.

James and Sallie Dooley left the estate of Maymont to the city of Richmond. They built it in the late 1890s. The family lived in the estate until 1925. It features the mansion itself, arboretum, a handful of gardens, a park covering 100 acres, a petting farm for the kids, and even a carriage collection.

The mansion has since been listed as a museum. It has also been restored and furnished in the most opulent and luxurious styles popular in the late 1800s. The estate remains filled with the treasures they collected in their travels. Today, it can be considered as the epitome of the Gilded Age. It was a time when millionaires could display and enjoy their wealth more publicly than today.

The gardens have remained well maintained and alluring for memebers of the public. It is, after all, the very same lawn and walkways in which the Dooleys lavished. No longer a private dwelling, the estate is now ideal for family events meant for enjoyment.

You are allowed to bring picnic blankets and food for enjoyment. People can also visit the estate’s Nature Center. This one place deeply probes the natural history of the James River. Better still, the estate overlooks the river itself! The Maymont estate can be found at 1700 Hampton Street, Richmond, Virginia.