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Toledo Flower Delivery

Toledo, Ohio Flower Arrangements

Toledo was established as a city in 1837 and continues to be a city that builds on its strengths. Situated in an ideal location spanning the Maumee River, its bay, and the western edge of Lake Erie, Toledo has typical Great Lakes weather. The one difference for them is that being on the west side, Toledo often avoids the winter experience called lake effect snow. With beautiful waterways- a river, a bay, AND a lake - Toledo offers fun opportunities for water activities as well as a stunning background for living, working, and learning."

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Toledo Botanical Garden
5403 Elmer Drive
Toledo, OH 43615

Lakewood Flower Market
4701 Talmadge Road
Toledo, OH 43623

Garden Club Forum House
5403 Elmer Drive
Toledo, OH 43615

University of Toledo Medical Center
1735 W Rocket Drive
Toledo, OH 43606

Mercy Health - Children's Hospital
2213 Cherry Street
Toledo, OH 43608

Historic neighborhoods recognized by national historic societies include the renowned Old West End District. This gorgeous area includes many beautiful old homes from Victorian, Edwardian, and Arts and Crafts architectural periods. The neighborhood is bounded on one side by multiple churches from the same periods of architecture as well as the Toledo Museum of Art on another side. Other neighborhoods include Old Orchard with its academic influence coming from the University of Toledo. Tudor style homes and walking accessibility to shopping, the university, and a public library add a pleasant sense of community. There are also other neighborhoods such as Harvard Terrace, the Warehouse District, and Downtown areas that provide sports, history, trails, and waterways for the growing community of citizens who appreciate their city of Toledo.

With a zoo, university, sports teams, historic churches, a river, bay, and lake, Toledo offers a diverse supply of enlightening and invigorating activities for community residents. Putting their pride where their heart is, the residents and leaders of Toledo have built a city of unique American opportunity. If you find yourself in southern Michigan or northern Ohio, drop on by and check out Toledo, OH!