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Maine Flowers

Send Flowers to Maine

For residents in Maine, it's easy to send flowers to just about anyone in the state you want to with the help of our team at From You Flowers. Check out the large number of floral arrangements, bouquets, and other special gifts that you can send to someone important to you. With the help of our floral partners, you may even be able to send next day flowers in Maine to homes and businesses in the area. You'll love all of the options.

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Eastern White Pine Tassel and Cone
Maine State Flower:
Eastern White Pine Tassel and Cone

Native Flowers: Western Pearly Everlasting, Fireweed, Springbeauty, Blue Mistflower, Sunchoke

Common Flowers: Begonia, Daffodil

State Flower: Eastern White Pine Tassel and Cone

Largest Cities: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, West Scarborough

Nickname: The Pine Tree State

From You Flowers can make arrangements for floral delivery throughout the state of Maine. That includes many of the larger cities such as Jonesport, Vinalhaven, and Portland. We can help you get flowers to a loved one in Bangor, Lewiston, or Deer Isle. Do you want to send flowers to a special someone on Swans Island? Perhaps you need to send them to a friend in Standish or Blue Hill. We can help you with most cities here, including many of the more rural areas of the state, such as Isle au Haut.

Why Have Flowers Delivered in Maine?

From the rocky coastline to the vibrant and growing business district, Maine has something special to offer around every bend. It’s the ideal place to send flowers, too, because there are numerous providers to meet most needs.

From You Flowers can help you with most needs. That includes sending a special congratulatory floral gift to a friend in the hospital delivering their first child. We deliver to most hospitals in the state, including Maine Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital, and Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital. Send something to lift someone's spirits if they’ve been in the hospital for a long time.

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home in Kittery or Bristol? Perhaps you have a loved one who lives in Lincoln in an assisted living community. Why not send a beautiful arrangement of flowers just to brighten their day?

Maybe you have a freshman at Bowdoin College or Colby College that needs a pick-me-up. Send a bouquet of flowers to help bring a smile to their face.

From You Flowers offers plenty of options to meet most needs, from large arrangements for a celebration of life to a small bouquet perfect for your partner's birthday or your anniversary.