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Send Flowers to Alabama

From You Flowers wants to help you make other people happy. The best way to do that may be to send them flowers and perhaps a few extras, like candy, on the side. You can send flowers throughout the state to most addresses using our service. Our floral partners are located throughout the state of Alabama, ready to help you bring a smile to someone's day. We can often set up last minute delivery of flowers to the home of your choice, too.

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Alabama State Flower:

Native Flowers: Red Buckeye, Red Chokeberry, Orange Milkweed, Trumpet Vine, Dogwood, Purple Coneflower

Popular Flowers: Camellia, Rose

State Flower: Camellia

Largest Cities: Montgomery, Huntsville, Birmingham

Nickname: The Heart of Dixie

Universities Delivery To: University of Wyoming, Central Wyoming College, Northwest College, Casper College

Nearby Hospitals: UAB Hospital, Saint Vincent's Hospital, Jackson Hospital & More