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Braided Money Tree Plant

Money Tree Delivered

Money tree plants are wonderful good luck gifts to send! A money tree is created with a selection of small plants that are braided together to become a braided money tree. Each of the money trees are delivered in a unique container.

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What is a money tree plant?

Despite the wishes of many Americans, money does not grow on trees. However, money trees do exist in nature and can represent a great gift to anyone interested in decorating their homes with flora. The botanical name for the money tree is Pachira aquatica. The trees are native to swampy areas in South and Central America, where in their natural habitat they may grow as tall as 60 feet. Those grown in controlled settings in nurseries and intended for personal use usually range from 3 to 6 feet in height. Money trees are known for their leaves that are green and shiny and bark that is smooth. Nuts that grow from the trees are edible, either in raw or roasted form, and can be ground up for use in hot drinks.

What does a money tree represent?

The legends associated with the money tree originated in China, but not necessarily from ancient times. According to one story, a poor farmer found what appeared to be a plant with braided trunks. This plant was particularly durable, and from it the farmer learned to be resilient to the hardships he faced in his own life. The farmer was eventually able to grow more trees and generate a profit by selling them. In a story dating to a more modern time, a Taiwanese truck driver was able to braid the trunks of some smaller trees into a single plant.

Money trees can today be found in both homes and offices. They are admired because of their unique design, often producing five leaves on a stem. This is important to those with supernatural beliefs because of the relationship to the number five, which represents the five primary elements that comprise the universe - earth, fire, metal, wood and water. Based on legend, a money tree that is placed in a particular location will generate fortune and good luck for those living in the same area. Popular in Asian cultures, they are often decorated with ribbons or other ornaments.

Who would a money tree be a good gift for?

Money trees are also good gifts for those with only limited time to devote to the plants. Money trees can grow in pots containing a sandy soil that uses a base of peat moss and which allow for proper drainage. They grow best in temperatures that are in the range of 65 to 85 degrees Faheinheit. They do not require large amounts of either light or water to continue to thrive, instead growing best in areas where there is indirect light and moderate to high levels of humidity. The tree will only need watering when the surrounding soil appears dry. This may be as infrequent as once a week or once a month.

Money trees will not grow money, but can still be a source of pleasure and admiration for those living among them.