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Flowers That Mean Love

The history of flower meanings date back centuries throughout Asia and Europe. Folklore, mythologies, plants of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and sonnets have even been written about and/or surround flower representations. And in the Victorian Era of the 1800s, the language of flowers was a widely popular pastime. Interpretations of what individual flowers and each of their colors were taken from botanical publications, folklore, literary books, and religious readings. Such meanings and symbols of flowers meant that people could express feelings and emotions without actually saying a word. Continue reading for more information on flowers that mean love.

Which Flowers Symbolize Love

There are a number of flowers which symbolize love, and hold meanings associated with love, as listed and explained below.

  • Ambrosia: love is reciprocated
  • Bellflower: unwavering love
  • Carnations: in general they represent love; red for deep love and passion; white for undying devotion; pink for a woman’s love
  • Chrysanthemums: generally they represent fidelity and joy; red represents love and deep passion; white stands for honesty and loyalty
  • Daffodils: yellow ones symbolize new beginnings and are considered lucky symbols of future successes.
  • Forget-Me-Not: true love, which should be given in hope the recipient is not forgotten
  • Gardenia: love, purity, and refinement
  • Gerbera Daisies: overall symbolize loyal love; red stands for desire and love; light pink represents admiration; orange stands for happiness; white means pure of heart
  • Gillyflower: a happy life
  • Jasmine: eternal and unconditional love
  • Lily: orange represents desire and passion
  • Primrose: the innocence of young love
  • Roses: coral represents desire; lavender stands for enchantment; light pink symbolizes desire and admiration; orange means passion; red represents passionate love and devotion
  • Tulips: red symbolizes undying love; white claims worthiness; pink stands for caring
  • Violets: blue ones symbolize affection, intuition, and love

What Flower Symbolizes Undying Love

Red tulips symbolize undying love towards another individual. Similarly, white carnations mean undying devotion. And pink tulips represent caring and attachment to someone. These pretty flowers are also easy to care. So long as they are given plenty of cold water and kept out of direct sunlight, your fresh cut blooms should last about seven days or so.

What Flower Symbolizes Eternal Love

Orange blossoms symbolize eternal love, as well as innocence and marriage. These blooms are the fragrant flower of orange trees, and despite the name are white in color. Orange blossoms have associations of good fortune, and therefore, are often included in wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets. The orange blossom is also the state flower of Florida and used in perfume production.

What Is The Flower of Love

The flower of love is a red rose. It is the classic choice for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, and beyond. The red rose goes back to ancient Greek and Roman times where it had ties to Venus and Aphrodite, respectively, the goddess of love of each of those mythologies. It even has its own day of dedication, Red Rose Day, which takes place every year on June 12th. Having learned about flowers than mean love, we have compiled the following seven bouquets that will express your affection and love of the recipient.

Luxury Red Roses

Express your deep love to your recipient with this floral bouquet. One dozen long-stemmed red roses are hand-arranged with white monte casino blooms and fresh greens. Delivered in a clear glass vase adorned with a decorative red ribbon, this bouquet makes for a gorgeous anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift.

Madly in Love

Send your recipient a floral gift of your endless and undeniable love. Coral, lavender, pink, and red roses are artfully hand-arranged with lush greens. Delivered in a red square glass vase, this bouquet makes for a gorgeous anniversary, thinking or you, or Valentine’s Day gift.

Red & Purple Brilliance

Send your loved one a gift he or she will not soon forget. Red gerbera daisies and roses, purple alstroemerias, and light purple daisies are skillfully arranged together. Delivered in a clear glass square vase, this brilliant bouquet is sure to delight.

Sweetheart Tulips

Convey your deep sentiments to your recipient with this bouquet. An assortment of fifteen tulips varying in pink, red, and white are delivered in a clear glass vase. The flowers are hand-arranged by a local florist and sure to make your loved one’s day.

Tulip Surprise

Surprise a loved one today with this beautiful bouquet of tulips. Red and white tulips are hand-arranged and delivered with lush greens. Situated in a silver lined ceramic vase, this bouquet is sure to surprise and delight your recipient, no matter what the occasion.

You’re In My Heart

Express heartfelt sentiments for your recipient with this gorgeous bouquet. Rich red carnations and roses beautifully combine together with lush greens. Hand-arranged in a clear glass vase adorned with a red ribbon, this makes for an ideal Valentine’s Day or anniversary floral gift.