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Single Rose

Single Rose Arrangement

Send a Single Rose as an act of love. These single rose bouquets are arranged by florist and delivered by hand. The single roses are perfect for a Valentine's Day or Anniversary gift.

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Single Rose Stems for Delivery

Send a cute rose gift by sending a single stem rose bouquet. We offer three different colored rose stem arrangements including a single red rose for delivery, as well as a white, pink or yellow rose stems. These small rose gifts are a wonderful way to say I'm thinking about you today or to send to your daughter at her school for her birthday. Single rose delivery today is easy when you are working with From You Flowers' florist partners who can arrange and deliver a single rose bouquet if you place the order before 3pm in the delivery zip code. If you are unsure if a single rose will do feel free to look at our purple roses which have become really popular recently for their bright color.

Every woman I know appreciates getting flowers. Whether it is a beautiful, elegant bouquet of roses or a gardenia that my boyfriend has pilfered from a neighbors' yard, flowers are a thoughtful gift. There are times when a bouquet of roses may be a bit too much, especially if you don't know the person very well. Giving a dozen roses may seem a little too much if you are just starting a relationship and may frighten off a potential suitor, who may think you are too serious, too early. But don't forgo flowers altogether, there are occasions when a single rose is a perfect gift.

When Should You Give a Single Rose?

Believe it or not, there are times when a single rose is preferable to a dozen roses. Here are a few scenarios when a single rose is a perfect gift including a first date, the day after a great date, a gift for a kid or just because romantic gift.

  • First date: If you are going on a first date, a dozen roses may be overkill, like an immediate outpouring of love, but a single rose shows that you are thoughtful and looking forward to a special evening.
  • The day after a great date: If you go on a date and had a great time, bringing a single rose is a romantic gesture and tells the recipient that you enjoyed their company and looking forward to another date.
  • A gift from a child: A single rose from a child is a perfect gift for a mom, aunt, grandma, or just about anyone. Any gift from a child is awesome, but a single rose is just about perfect. Also, it shows the child to be caring, a wonderful lesson they can carry through the rest of their life.
  • For no reason at all: Nothing is more romantic than getting a single rose for no reason. Just a reminder that you are loved and appreciated.
  • To say you're sorry: If you've had a tiff with a loved one, whether it's a parent, loved one, or a friend, a single rose can go a long way to heal the wound left from an argument or disagreement.

Rose Color

The color of the rose you choose is also an important decision as each color has significance. Single roses are available in a red single rose, white, yellow, peach, purple, pink and black. All these single rose colors are amazing gifts, for different reasons.

  • A single red rose means love and devotion.
  • A white rose means peace, purity, and innocence.
  • A yellow rose means happiness, but it can also mean jealousy, so you should include a note with a single yellow rose to make sure the right intention is expressed.
  • A peach rose means friendship and can be given to a best friend or partner.
  • A purple rose expresses beauty; if you want someone special to know they are beautiful (inside and out).
  • A pink rose shows gratitude.
  • A single black rose means it is over, so you should hope you do not receive one of those anytime soon.