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Red Carnations

Red Carnation Delivery

Red carnations are always a perfect choice to convey how much you love that special someone. Symbolizing love which runs deep, red carnation bouquets are always a sure bet. Same-day delivery is available for many of our red flowers.

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Carnations in Vibrant Red

Looking for a unique red flower arrangement? Often roses or tulips come to mind when we think about sending our special someone flowers for their birthday or Valentine's Day. But I encourage you not to forget about red carnations. The flower carnation itself means flowers of love, but more specifically the red carnation flower means I admire you. What a lovely sentiment to send to someone! The idea that you love them, respect them and care so deeply. Putting the meaning of this red flower in the personal card message you send with the same day flowers is a great idea! Shop all of our popular flowers, including Christmas flowers for the perfect holiday gift.

While some flowers have very simple meanings, carnations are one of the more complicated species in the flower language, with a variety of different meanings based on shade and even the day they are used. Here's what you should know!

What is the Meaning of Red Carnations

Red carnations are less subtle and much more direct: They mean love and affection, very similar to the way red roses are used. A dark red carnation sends a very specific message of romantic interest, and can be used to celebrate a deep and ongoing love. As you can imagine, if you want to say something with flowers, don't mix up light red and dark red carnations!

What is the Meaning of Light Red Carnations

Red carnations do have particular meanings, but a lot can depend on the shade. Light red carnations traditionally mean admiration or adoration. However, they aren't typically associated with direct romance or even physical attraction. This is a very popular "fan" flower to send to beloved performers, for example. It's a bit flirty without being too forward, but can also simply express that you really like what someone has done.