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Calla Lilies

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Shop our beautiful Calla lilies collection, including white and red calla lilies. Send a fresh calla lily arrangement or calla lily plant with fast delivery and a personalized card message.

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Calla Lily Delivery

Calla lilies are tall and stand proud, always making a statement in any arrangement they are placed in. The bouquet called My Fair Lady is created by a local designer with just a collection of all white calla lilies. From You Flowers also has luxury bouquets with pink calla lilies or red calla lilies, paired with orchids and roses. Go big with calla lilies!

Like a graceful, delicately curled wine goblet, calla lilies offer a simple elegance to bouquets, gardens, and planters.  The clean lines of their arrow-like leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers complement busier blooms or stand out all by themselves, making them very popular for decorating weddings and funerals.  Despite their prim appearance, calla lilies, like many perennials, don't demand a lot of care and maintenance.  They happily grow in full sun or partial shade from bulbs/rhizomes.  In the lower regions of the southern United States they can return year after year if the bulbs aren't damaged by frost; otherwise, you'll want to bring the bulbs inside for the winter or grow them as annuals.

How to Care for Calla Lilies

Stunning doesn't have to be coupled with high maintenance when it comes to flowers.  Calla lilies can bloom throughout the warm season, and in some warm climates throughout the year, without constant watering.  Plant them in soil that is porous and drains well, and keep moist but not too wet by watering periodically when the soil starts to feel a bit dry.  They can even work in the sandy soil of southern coastal areas if nutrients are occasionally added via fertilizer.  In early spring after the threat of frosts has passed, the bulbs can be planted in your garden or in a pot about 3-4 inches deep.  You should see blooms lasting for several weeks or even throughout the warm season, and at the onset of winter you can let them die back and store the bulbs where they won't freeze so you can replant the next year.  Plants grow to 1-2 feet tall.

Like other plants in the same family, calla lilies contain oxalic acid, which makes them toxic to pets.  Be sure to avoid planting them where dogs and cats may chew on them.

Meaning of Calla Lilies

The calla lily, whose scientific name is Zantedeschia aethiopica, originally came from Africa, where it lines rivers and streams. Because of its striking appearance, the Greek word for beautiful, calla, fits as a descriptive common name. Technically they belong not in the lily family but with the jack-in-the-pulpit, philodendron, taro, and other flowers that originate from rhizomes. They were misidentified in the 1800's as a lily, but this common name has persisted.

Lilies in general have an association with Easter. They bloom around this time, March or April, but this is the case with many flowers. The Bible mentions the lily of the valley as a symbol of Jesus because the lily was looked upon as the fairest of all the flowers and plants.  The trumpet shape of calla lilies tie them with the celebration of the people when Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday. In Greek mythology, calla lilies resulted from the goddess Hera's jealousy when she refused to nurse her husband Zeus' illegitimate offspring and drops of her breast milk were sprinkled across the earth when she spurned the child, sprouting up into spectacular flowers that could only have been birthed from an immortal source. 

The calla lily is also used to mark a couple's sixth anniversary.

Colors of Calla Lilies

Although these flowers are available in an array of vivid colors, white is the original shade the blooms grow in; the other shades are possible through hybridization. White calla lilies are often seen at weddings, funerals, and in spring bouquets, but other color options include yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, green, and black, as well as mixed shades in between. Lilies in colors other than white require more drainage, but the white can handle slightly moist soil.