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In times of mourning, there are few things that anyone can do to make the pain less heart-wrenching. That being said, condolence gifts are some of the most difficult offerings to purchase, especially on the corporate level. While business acquaintances absolutely want to make a contribution to those in grief, they don't want their gifts to aggravate an already agonizing situation. We at realize how difficult these scenarios can be, and consequently offer an extensive selection of appropriate gifts.

From standing sprays to fruit baskets, is sure to have just the right gift to convey your sympathies in a professional, and most importantly, appropriate way. Our highly trained Customer Service Agents are available 24 hours a day to help guide you in the right direction when selecting your gift, whether it is from your entire organization, or from a small group of co-workers. We will assist you every step of the way, from what arrangement best suits your needs, to what your attached card should read. understands the difficulty in finding the right thing to say or send for bereavement. We have provided the following Corporate Bereavement Guide which describes common condolences as well as which products would be suitable whether you are a co-worker, friend, or business associate.

According to Peggy Post and Peter Post, co-authors of The Etiquette Advantage in Business, the following suggestions will help you to support colleagues who experience the death of a loved one.

"When a co-worker loses a loved one, write and speak your condolences right away. If you are close, attending pre-funeral and funeral services will be respectful and comforting.

Never make statements such as "It was really a blessing" or "Be thankful that her suffering is over."

Read the obituary, or speak to a friend of the family, to find out if the family is accepting flowers where the memorial service will be held, or if they are asking for donations for a non-profit organization. Co-workers can go in together on a beautiful bouquet of flowers or on a charitable donation (non-profits notify the family of the deceased of gifts made in his or her memory: they share names and addresses but not the amount donated). Even if you send flowers or make a donation, send a sympathy card directly to your co-worker at home.

Offer practical help wherever you can. Don't just say, "I'd do anything for you." Say, "Donna, I'll check your phone messages each day while you're gone and deal with any issues that come up."

Some of the most common business condolences are fruit baskets, for example our Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket (item #TF156-1) sent to the family of the deceased, or table plants, such as our Warm Regards (item #TF139-2), and also floral sprays, like our Gentle Thoughts Spray (item #TF188-3) are most appropriate for the funeral home or burial site. Please note, however, that in today's diverse business world it is important to keep in mind that some cultures and religions differ in what is appropriate in times of mourning. For your convenience, you will find a religious etiquette guide.

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