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The most important asset to any business is its people. From You Flowers knows that people are much more than an asset, they are everything. Their value can't be quantified on any balance sheet. They are the lifeblood that builds, creates, and delivers success for your organization. From You Flowers will help you supercharge your people - your business - with a rewards and recognition program perfectly designed to fit your needs. The ideal gift can go a long way in supporting and rewarding the people that make your business excel. 

Loyalty programs have become commonplace in corporate environments of every size. Airline miles, branded apparel and the like are expected, but what do these faceless gifts really say? What truly inspires loyalty is humility and direct involvement. Flowers, unlike anything else, have the amazing ability to truly express feeling. They are alive, and engaging, and go a long way where vouchers, gift cards, and branded apparel come up short. According to a recent Harvard study flowers in the workplace improve well being, commitment, and productivity. Flowers also have a positive impact on behavior and mood according to Rutgers University. Inspire loyalty, recognize success, and increase productivity all at a great value.

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