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Flowers to Send for Galentine’s Day

Flowers to Send for Galentine’s Day

Date: January 31, 2022

February is right around the corner, and you know what that means, it’s almost one of the biggest days to send someone you love flowers. Love, candles, gifts, chocolates abound because all signs point to…. Galentine’s Day!


Okay yes, maybe this isn’t the first holiday that comes to mind when someone mentions love and a holiday in February but hear us out! Valentine’s Day is fine and great, believe us we are BIG fans. However, on the eve of Cupid’s Arrow heading straight towards the love of your life, we get February 13th, a day to celebrate the love we have for the special ladies and friends in our lives. And what better way to tell your BFF that you’re so happy to have her in your life than with a Sweet Succulent Bouquet?


Now, as we know, Galentine’s Day is a holiday that originated on the beloved show Parks and Recreation by the character Leslie Knope, a day to celebrate the ladies in your life with brunch (waffles), drinks (mimosas), and nice sentiments about your gal pals. While the rules of this holiday are not hard and fast, the idea remains and is a great excuse to send your ladies something to remind them they are special to you, such as candy or a bouquet of flowers.


One of the most popular bouquets to send for Galentine’s Day is our Southern Peach Bouquet. This soft and sweet bouquet is the perfect bouquet to send your gal pal who has classic taste with a soft touch. It is subtle but Instagram-worthy, ready to be displayed on her kitchen table as a reminder of the year of friendship between the two of you. The peach roses and carnations are classic flowers, but when accompanied by the succulents it offers a modern twist to the bouquet.


When it comes to your fun and funky friend, we have the Rainbow Ranunculus bouquet. This bouquet may only include stems of ranunculus, but this bouquet is anything but simple. Sending this to your friend to remind them that less is not always more, that the more (colors) the better. Her colorful personality is what draws you to her and makes her one of your best friends. She deserves a bouquet as bright as shiny as her, so look no further.


Everyone has that one friend who is the mom of the group, and quite honestly, she may deserve the best bouquet of them all! Our Sweet Devotion bouquet says everything you need to say but with flowers. If you’re planning a girls weekend, she makes the entire itinerary and will even call an Uber to pick up your *less responsible* friend to ensure everyone makes it to the airport. She always has purse Advil and knows the directions to the restaurant, which is by the way where she made the reservations. We all have this friend (or maybe that friend is you, if so then go ahead and send yourself this bouquet! You deserve it.) and we would be lost without her. Let her know!


And finally, the friend who invented Galentine’s Day because she’s great at keeping you and your friends connected, you should send her the Luminous Rose Bouquet. She may not plan the brunch, but she suggested it to your other friend (you know, the one you’re sending the Sweet Devotion to). She texts you about seeing those weird gross sugar cookies from the grocery store that she remembers you used to be obsessed with in college and they made her think of you! She suggests the FaceTime when you haven’t’ chatted in a while, and sends you cards in the mail just because “it seemed like a card you’d like.” This bouquet is perfect for her with its coral and peach roses, its yellow craspedia, and blue eryngium. It’s bright and bubbly just like her.