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What is Galentine’s Day?

What is Galentine’s Day?

Date: December 5, 2019

Galentine’s Day is truly real. Beginning as a fictional idea on an NBC sitcom, it soon morphed into a holiday that is celebrated in real life. It’s fun, quirky and a way for celebrants to feel good about themselves and each other.

So, What is Galentine’s Day? Is it Even Real?

Galentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the friendships between women. Most women have the capacity to develop deep, platonic and loving friendships with each other—so, why not celebrate these relationships?

Women who aren’t related by blood develop sister-like, loving relationships with other women. They celebrate the victories and good things in their friends’ lives; commiserate when things go wrong. If a romantic relationship sours, a woman’s gal friends will be there, with facial tissues and wine to help their friend grieve the upset in her relationship, or its breakup.
If you watched Parks and Recreation, you may have seen a 2010 episode in which the character of Leslie created a new way for she and her friends to celebrate their close, female friendships. Because this show started, then became highly popular, it’s only natural that her Galentine’s Day creation would take off in the real world, becoming a popular holiday for women everywhere. Traditionally, Galentine’s Day is celebrated during a brunch lasting for several hours. These brunches should include, along with gifts, booze, such as mimosas or white wine.


When is Galentine’s Day?

“Leslie” in the NBC show, Parks and Recreation,decided that this new holiday should be held on the eve of Valentine’s Day (or February 13th). Thus, the new name, “Galentine’s Day.”

Ironically, this “between women” holiday takes place on the same day that is considered “Mistress Day.” This, of course, is the day that cheating men take their mistresses out to celebrate their hidden relationships. Whether this was intentional or just coincidence, nobody knows.

Women who observe this holiday go out to their favorite restaurant to indulge in waffles  and imbibe fizzy cocktails. Along with these delicacies, women express to each other why they hold their friendships to be so special.

Think of those times when you and your gal pals all went out spend time with each other for a few hours, chatting, laughing and celebrating your friendships. Oh, along with that, you ate, drank and exchanged the perfect Galentine’s Day gifts. This newer holiday is becoming better-known, so, if you are invited to join your girlfriends to celebrate this day, go with them!

Perfect Galentine's Day Gifts

Begin with flowers or the perfect houseplant. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, think of the qualities your friend has and find a floral arrangement or plant she’ll love and nurture. Bring it with you to your brunch or have it delivered to her at her place of employment.

If she prefers houseplants, consider an Aloe plant, which is very low-maintenance. Or look for a Jade plant, which is another low-maintenance plant. If your girlfriend has experience with plants, Pothos or Golden Pothos will be appreciated and loved. One houseplant, known as a Bromeliad, will bloom with bright foliage and flowers if they are given lots of sunlight.

A Spider plant doesn't need lots of fussing. A Rubber plant is an unusual, one-of-a-kind plant to give. Or choose Rabbit’s Ear—a funky-looking plant with hairy leaves resembling little rabbit’s ears, which may fit well in your friend’s life.

Kalanchoe comes with deep green leaves with bright flowers. This will add strong visual interest to your friend’s home or office. Or. . . buy her an Air plant. These require no soil and need weekly misting.

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