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Your Guide to the Best Flowers for Christmas Decorations

Your Guide to the Best Flowers for Christmas Decorations

Date: December 16, 2021

If you've ever found yourself wondering, "what are the best Christmas Flower Decorations?", you’ve come to the right place!

Creating a holiday wonderland at home can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the season, but it can also add to the hustle and bustle. We've come up with the perfect guide to holiday decorating that will simplify your efforts and expense by using the most versatile Christmas flower decorations in every room!


Traditional Christmas flowers bring the sights and smells of our childhood rushing back. Many of the most popular Christmas flowers can be used throughout your décor, whether you are featuring a timeless classic Christmas wreath of evergreen branches embellished with pinecones and decorative red berries and carnations, or a whimsical tabletop Christmas mini-tree with red roses and whimsical ornaments, bringing a quintessential symbol of Christmas to every room. 


Poinsettias - both trendy and traditional

From creamy white, to pink, to the traditional holiday red, the poinsettia comes in a variety of colors and is rich in tradition and history.  These hardy holiday plants and can be incorporated everywhere from the front porch all the way to the mantle. Poinsettias add a sophisticated splash of color to flank your fireplace, dress up your entryway amongst Christmas Foliage, or even grouped together with ribbons and berries bringing warmth and nostalgia to any room of your home.


Roses - classic, eternal, and elegant

It's all about shades of white and red for our favorite flower, roses. Adorn a mini-Christmas tree with a dozen red roses or add natural greens and several shades of white roses accented by silver and pinecones to a simple elegant vase for a beautiful monochromatic table centerpiece. Guests love personal Christmas Bouquets to greet them at the dinner table. For a charming touch add a few white and red roses to a mason jar or milk bottle as a take-away gift for each guest.

Carnations, Pompons - fresh, affordable, and long-lasting

Beyond the special meaning different colors of carnations possess, (shades of light red symbolize admiration and excitement), they can be added easily to any mixed bouquet such as the guest take-away above, or to an elegant table centerpiece.  Since carnations can last up to 2-3 weeks, they are also a perfect addition to any wreath or mixed into fresh garland as a mantel piece. Similarly, different varieties of Pompons are equally as stunning. The green and white Button Pompon adds texture and class to any vase arrangement or centerpiece, and you can accent your entryway garland or mantle with crisp white Cushion Pompons and Red Daisy Pompons in a snap!


We hope these tips help you streamline and simplify your holiday decorating this season!