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Why is Mother’s Day Important?

Why is Mother’s Day Important?

Date: March 5, 2021

On mother’s day, people make out the time to appreciate their mothers for their immense contributions to our lives. The relationship with the mother is more than any other in our life.

Generally, the women in our lives help to shape our lives in significant ways. There are notable psychological benefits attached to the celebration of mother’s day. To discuss the importance of why is mother’s day important? Let us first look at how it all began.

Origin of Mother’s Day

Mother’s day celebration dates back to 1908 when Anna Jarvis, a common activist who organized a memorial in honor of her mother. Anna Jarvis used to work as a peace activist who was saddled with the responsibility of caring for wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. 

The location today holds the International Mother’s Day Shrine. Anna was the first to make an effort to raise funds for the celebration of mother’s day in the US. After the death of Anna’s mother in 1905, she took steps to make the celebration a worldwide event. She intended to honor all the mothers of the earth for their contribution to our society.

In 1911, almost all the US states began celebrating Mother’s day and made it a national holiday. West Virginia, the hometown of Jarvis, became the first to make mother’s day a state holiday. As time passed, the 2nd Sunday of May was fixed as a day to remember all mothers. In 1914,  Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation in respect to mother’s day.

Over time, more countries began to adopt the date to celebrate the mothers. Today, every country in the world celebrates mother’s day.

Why Do We Set Aside a Date To Celebrate The Mothers?

Around the world today, the Mother’s Day celebration is held as a mark of respect and honor to the woman. It is also a show of love and respect to our mothers for their contribution to building a better home. While many countries may have different dates for the celebration, the common date is in May. Mother’s day, like other celebrations, is an effort like Father’s Day to appreciate the contributions of the family towards a better society. Mothers day aims to applaud all the women in the world working hard to improve their families. Contributing to family helps to model a better society.

The Psychological Importance of Mother’s Day

Psychologically, celebrating the women will help to provide us with some form of solace. When we consider the unique ways our mothers affect our lives from the start, we will always find a reason to celebrate them.

Our mothers play an important role in ensuring that we are safe in the womb. The mother also helps us connect better with the world. She provides a safe environment for our survival in the womb and also provides nourishment. Our ability to connect with the world and our environment begins with our connection with our mothers.

No matter our personality or the kind of mum we have, they contribute in shaping us the way we are today . In  a nutshell, this why Mother’s day is important.