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Which plants are good for a home office?

Which plants are good for a home office?

Date: August 27, 2020

If you're like most people, you're spending more time in your home office than you were at this time a year ago. Perhaps the pandemic has you working from home at least part of the time, or maybe you've taken on side projects to help make ends meet. Your children may also be using the home office for online learning purposes. However, many home offices are more of an afterthought than fully-fledged rooms in their own right, and if yours falls into this category, it may be time to give it an upgrade to make it a comfortable, productive working environment for everyone who uses it. One quick way to give your home office a finished ambiance is to add plants. Following are just five of the many houseplants that make great choices for including in a home office. 


Otherwise known as Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum is well-known for flourishing in low-light indoor environments and for removing pollutants from the air. Spathiphyllum has dark green, glossy leaves and stately white flowers. They require no particular maintenance beyond watering when the soil dries out and given a shot of all-purpose houseplant fertilizer in the spring. If placed in direct sunlight, their leaves may burn and become brown around the edges. 


Philodendrons are another good choice for indoor areas that don't receive a great deal of light. They're also very versatile — they can be grown in hanging baskets where the leaves cascade to the floor or in upright pots. They require only regular watering and fertilizer once per year. 


Dracaena are plants with long, spiky leaves growing from a thick single trunk. They make striking statements when placed against a white or otherwise light-colored wall. Like the types listed above, they require only minimal care to thrive. They tolerate low light really well, but if you place them in the sun, their dark green leaves may start to show attractive shades of pink. 


Kalanchoes are a succulent variety that needs bright natural light to be at its best, making them perfect for an area near a sunny window. As one of the few houseplants that bloom, they produce a vibrant show of orange, yellow, or red flowers on an annual basis and are also available in white for a more understated look. 


Anthurium is another plant that produces showy flowers indoors. Although they will tolerate low light conditions, the may not produce their trademark red flowers when grown in this condition. Anthurium do best when placed in bright-but-indirect light. Like the others, they only need average watering and fertilizing to be at their best.