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What should I deliver to my boyfriend?

What should I deliver to my boyfriend?

Date: August 27, 2020

Looking to make a certain day or occasion a little extra special for the man in your life? Contrary to what you may think, sending him a floral arrangement, plant or gift basket is a great way to both make his day and leave him with a thoughtful offering that he's sure to appreciate. But what to send him? Again, contrary to what you may think, the options are more plentiful than what they may seem on the surface. In this post, we'll take a look at three gift categories that the man in your life is sure to appreciate and highlight some specific items from each. Here's a closer look:

Gift Ideas to Send to Him

Gift Baskets

Who doesn't love a great gift basket? The man in your life is likely someone who would be very appreciative of a candy basket packed with all kinds of goodies for his sweet tooth. Some other gift basket options include those that mix chips and candy, an assorted cookie tin or one with nothing but Ghirardelli Chocolate. Yum, we're getting hungry just thinking about these.



Whether it's for the office, bedroom or just to add some character around the home, plants are another great gift to send to men. We tend to like the Classic Peace Lilly Plant, which helps promote a calming and balanced environment. It's easy to care for and can fit into the corner of a room. Any type of succulent plant would also make for a great gift, as these plants don't consume a lot of water and are very easy to care for. Plus, your boyfriend will be privy to the benefits that come from having a plant around his home or office. For example, plants are proven to elevate mood, enhance productivity and help make for a cleaner overall indoor environment.


Yes, while men and flowers might not seemingly go hand-in-hand (other than if they're sending them to someone), guys can enjoy getting flowers too. For starters, flowers just help brighten and add life to any room. They can also make for great table centerpieces. Don't be hesitant about sending the man in your life flowers, as there are several great assortments to choose from. We personally suggest anything that has sunflowers, like the Stunning Sunflowers assortment or the Sunflower Surprise. Opulent Orchids or Zen Artistry can also make for a nice desktop or office addition.


For more information and to browse great gifts to send your boyfriend, contact us today.