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What is the story of the Christmas wreath?

What is the story of the Christmas wreath?

Date: November 3, 2020

What is the Story of the Christmas Wreath?

We have been weaving and displaying wreaths for thousands of years. You can find different styles of wreaths all over human history and culture. From ancient egypt to today’s holiday decorations, the wreath is as iconic as it is classic.

The History of the Wreath

Some of the earliest types of wreaths were created in southern Europe thousands of years ago. These wreaths would have been worn by ancient Etruscan rulers and important social figures.

These wreaths weren’t like our Christmas wreaths, they were closer to diadems or crows that often featured gold or other impressive metalwork.

Today’s modern wreath has a closer relative.

Holiday Wreath Example

Getting Closer to a Holiday Wreath

The modern word “wreath” comes from the Old English word “writha” which meant “band.” These are the wreaths that would ultimately become today’s Christmas wreath.

These wreaths got their start in Pagan Europe where a holiday known as Yule. This was a midwinter holiday that celebrated the return of sunny days and the coming of spring. Wreaths were a common sight during these celebrations.

Much like today’s Christmas wreath, these would be adorned with decorations. Berries, candles, and cloth ribbons were common decorative additions to the original holiday wreath.

This ancient wreath is the foundation for the Christmas wreath we all know and love today.

Today’s Christmas Wreath

As Christianity spread across Europe, the wreath changed with the times. This ancient pagan tradition became a staple of a new religious holiday: Christmas.

The Christmas wreath is a blending of ancient traditions. While the meaning behind the wreaths you see every winter has changed over thousands of years, we still enjoy decorating with them.

Wreaths have more decorating potential than you might know.

How to Decorate with a Christmas Wreath

How to Decorate With a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are winter classics. These decorations have stood the test of time and are still widely used today throughout the world to make the winter months as well as the hope for warmer days ahead.

While modern technology and decorative taste has changed a lot since the days of ancient Europe, you can still find traditional style wreaths. These wreaths are as at home on your door today as they would have been in pre-Roman Europe. The natural and iconic design means that they seamlessly match almost any decorative style.

A more modern approach to wreaths. Uses the latest materials to create a compelling design which is a perfect fit for the design savvy interior designer. Wreaths can also become a talkative table centerpiece.

Whether it’s ancient Europe or your home today, the Christmas wreath is still one of the best way to celebrate the season.