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What flowers should I get her?

What flowers should I get her?

Date: December 4, 2019

It’s a time-honored tradition to buy the women in your life flowers — one that can be confusing, though. How do you know what flowers are right for each of the ladies you want to honor? Start by breaking down your choices based on your relationship with each.

What Flowers Should I Give My Wife?


To say sending roses is a cliche is an understatement. Unless she is a sucker for red roses, try thinking outside the box even if it just means changing the color. Look at white roses instead of red or even a mixed bouquet.

What if roses are not the way to her heart? Then go in a completely different direction with something like sunflowers, for example. They are bright, eye-catching, and guaranteed to l get a few oohs and ahs from friends at home or work.

What Flowers Should I Give My Girlfriend? 


Girlfriends are trickier than wives because flowers send a message that might not be quite right. It’s more about what you shouldn’t’ send than what you should. Red roses speak of love and white roses of a great friendship. Think carefully about whether that is what you want to say. Also, stay away from flowers like carnations, which show a real lack of creativity.

Mums are a practical choice because they are both pretty and versatile. They come in a variety of colors, too, so you can choose her favorite color or mix and match warm and cool shades for a pretty bouquet.

What Flowers Should I Give My Mother?

Of all the ladies in your life, mom is probably the easiest to shop for when it comes to flowers. Roses are a choice that would make any mom’s heart soar. Make them red, and she will feel truly loved.

Of course, you can also go with her favorite flower, whatever the type. She will love the fact that you knew what flowers she likes in the first place. 

You can pick a flower for the occasion, too. Lilies, which you probably wouldn’t give your wife or girlfriend, are an excellent choice for mom on Good Friday or Easter. A poinsettia for the holidays is something a woman looking for romance would scoff at, but moms will adore.

Ultimately, there is no right answer because it depends on the woman and how well you know her. In a pinch, go for whatever is her favorite bloom.

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