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What flowers are sympathy flowers?

What flowers are sympathy flowers?

Date: August 27, 2020

When hard times hit, flowers can really bring a smile to your face. From the vibrant colors to the calming qualities, flowers help us get through the most difficult of times. These flowers are known as sympathy flowers. But why are such flowers known for being sympathy flowers? In this post, we’ll help answer that question, and we’ll also fill you in on some of the best sympathy flowers on the market today.

Why Some Flowers Are Sympathy Flowers

Have you ever seen a flower and you instantly feel better? If so, then that is actually pretty common. That’s because many flowers give off positive energy. That being said, when you’ve lost a loved one or are experiencing another tragedy, certain flowers can bring a sense of happiness during these troubling times. More than just their gorgeous appearance, most flowers symbolize something. For sympathy flowers, they tend to have brighter colors, which can make us feel calm and happy. Now let’s take a look at a few different sympathy flower options.


Due to its fragrance and long-lasting flowers, carnations are very popular sympathy flowers. Not only do they last for several days, but they also give off a positive energy that’s very needed when dealing with a loss. White carnations symbolize purity and innocence, while pink carnations are meant to send thoughts and remembrance.


Roses are classic flowers that bring a positive light to any occasion. Available in many colors, white, purple, and blue-colored roses tend to work best as sympathy flowers. Red roses symbolize love and respect, while pink roses show a sign of appreciation and grace. Many people will mix these roses with other flowers to make a gorgeous, meaningful bouquet.


The hydrangea plant is another great option for a sympathy flower. Not only does it show a sign of continued support, but this amazing flower can also last for years. Hydrangeas are very unique plants that feature dark green leaves at its base, a long trunk, and beautiful flowers at its peak. That being said, these flowers can bring positive vibes to the recipient.

Daffodils and Tulips

If you’re looking to spread peace and encouragement, then daffodils and tulips are the perfect combination. These amazing flowers are very uplifting and act as a sign of hope through difficult times. If you want to brighten someone’s day, then daffodils and tulips make for a great arrangement.

It’s never easy struggling through the hard times. But when you see any of the flowers listed above, you may just get a smile on your face.