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What does giving flowers symbolize?

What does giving flowers symbolize?

Date: August 27, 2020

The beauty of flowers and floral bundles have always had their appeal and cultures across the world and across time have cared for them and given them as gifts to those they loved, cherished, and revered. Take, for example, the Ancient Egyptians who presented formal bouquets to royalty and esteemed members of society like athletes and priests both in life and at their death. 

Even more interestingly, those long-ago cultures had, just like ours, chosen certain flowers to symbolize certain things. In death, Egyptians often laid the night-blooming white lotus over tombs due to its symbolizing continuity and renewal of life. Today, you will often find poppies adorning military gravesites due to our culture using it represent consolation and its ties to John McCrae's military poem, In Flanders Field.

Of course, much of the time we give flowers and receive flowers during happier times. The following is a look at three other things that certain flowers and floral arrangements can symbolize:

What Does Giving Flowers Symbolize?

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