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What Can you Send for Sympathy Instead of Flowers?

What Can you Send for Sympathy Instead of Flowers?

Date: December 4, 2019

When someone you know passes, it is important for you to express your sympathy. This, of course, can be done by attending final services, sending a card or perhaps flowers. But what if attending services isn't possible or flowers are discouraged? What if a card doesn't quite seem like enough? There are other options.

Sympathy Houseplants

sympathy house plant.jpg

While flowers serve a temporary purpose, they are often an issue when it comes to disposal. Some families may view them as wasteful or unnecessary. Having a houseplant delivered can be a caring way to express sympathy. A houseplant will serve as a longer lasting reminder of your thoughts. You may even want to consider a unique houseplant like a Small Bonsai tree.

Sympathy Gift Baskets


Gift baskets can contain a variety of items that will be appreciated by a grieving family. It is a caring and compassionate way to express sympathy that is also customizable. Gift baskets can range from a large variety of fruit baskets to those that contain gourmet items. They also come at a wide variety of price points.

Sympathy Flowering Plants to Replant

Flowing plants can not only lift spirits, but they can frequently be replanted outside. This can create a long-lasting memory garden for the recipient. Gifts like a dish garden can be transplanted to spread when placed in an outside garden.

Write a Letter of Your Memories

Compiling a short letter of your favorite memories of one who passed can serve as a very comforting form of sympathy. It is personal and comes from the heart and will certainly bring some comfort to the person who receives it.

Expressing sympathy is important for both the sender and the grieving person. Step beyond traditional flowers and choose a more unique way to say “I care." 

Send a sympathy gift with a free delivery to a house or funeral home.