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The Official Mother’s Day Flower

The Official Mother’s Day Flower

Date: March 5, 2021

Finding the perfect flowers to gift your mom on mother’s day might be very challenging because you want it to be her favorite choice, ideal style, and that which expresses the most genuine sentiment of love, care, and gratitude that is unique for such a memorable occasion all at once.

There is a vast variety of beautiful and colorful Mother’s day flowers to choose from. We have tulips, captivating peonies, the classic roses, and durable orchid plants, which are certified spring bestsellers. The available options are enormous and very attractive.

The official mother’s day flower is the carnation. In this article, we will discuss the brittle carnation and how it turned out to become the official flower for the biggest celebration dedicated to mothers.

History Of Mother’s Day

In 1908 a lady called Anna Jarvis made history by being the first person to officially host a mother’s day celebration in the United States of America. It was Anna’s dream to dedicate a day in our yearly calendar to properly honor all mothers, including her late mom. It was officially recognized as a holiday in the U.S. in 1914.

Why are Carnations Given on Mother’s Day?

During the first-ever mother’s day to be celebrated in history, Anna Jarvis handed out 500 carnations to all the mothers attending the congregational service at a ministry where her mom was once a Sunday school teacher. Since that very day, the church took it up as a tradition to gift out carnations as a sign of appreciation at every Mother’s Day service they ever had. The Mother’s Day story spread far and wide and soon became a norm among other churches and communities alike.

Carnations for Mom

Meaning in the Carnation Flower

Botanists and experts in the floral study say that Anna’s mother was fond of Carnations and loved them so much that she planted and groomed them at the garden in her Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home.

Naturally pink Carnations are given to moms on Mother’s Day, which stands for the unfading and undying love of mothers. The white Carnations are given in remembrance of Mothers who have passed away. Apart from being a symbol of Mother’s day celebration, Carnations also have a wide array of fascinating symbolism and meanings around the world. Some examples are mentioned below:

Don’t let your mother’s special day past you without visiting her and reminding her of how much she means to you. Make her feel special and loved by buying her flowers.