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The Best Chocolate Treats to Send for Valentine's Day

The Best Chocolate Treats to Send for Valentine's Day

Date: January 18, 2022

It is almost Valentine’s Day, the day of love, which means it’s time start thinking about the ways you can express to your valentine how much you love and adore them through more than just words or a card. Now yes, we absolutely are here to tell you the best way to express your love is by sending Valentine’s Day flowers, however, if you’re looking to mix it up a little bit, or add on to a beautiful bouquet, might we suggest: Chocolate covered treats.


Chocolate treats are a fun and classic way to send a little love on Valentine’s Day that you can snack on. Teddy bears and bouquets are fun, but the tastiest form of love is sending a little chocolate treat. Whether your Valentine is a dark chocolate lover or tends to reach for the milk chocolate first, there is a chocolate perfect for them.


It’s very likely that if you’re thinking about chocolate for Valentine’s Day, one of the first kinds that comes to mind is the chocolate covered strawberry. This is the perfect chocolate gift for someone who likes both milk and dark chocolate, as this box has a few of both. In addition to that, these delicious strawberries have four with letters on them, when arranged the right way spell out ‘LOVE’ – how romantic is that? You can say it with both chocolates and with the message. If you want to tell them with more than just the chocolate letters, you have the option to add a note to the gift as well. So, no need to limit your message of love to just the treat.


If something a bit more decadent calls to your valentine, something that won’t be confused with health food, we cannot recommend enough the best of the best chocolate covered snacks, the chocolate covered Oreo.  The Oreo is a classic snack, one that you’ve probably had so many times you can’t count. You’ve had it in your school lunch as a kid, you’ve dunked it in milk or ate them on a road trip in the car. However, you have not lived until you have eaten a chocolate covered Oreo. It’s the perfect way to say, “I know you and I love you, happy Valentine’s Day.”


In the same chocolate covered sweet treat vein, there is the chocolate covered cheesecake pops. We all remember when the chocolate covered cake pops became popular, and this is just the elevated version of that. Bite into this crunchy and smooth chocolatey exterior to find the fluffiest cheesecake within. It can sometimes feel as though you only get cheesecake at weddings or family events, so it can feel like such a treat when you are able to have a bite (or two or three, we won’t tell) on a stick. The best part is that these are romance themed, so they are the perfect sweet treat to send on Valentine’s Day.


Finally, if you’re not into the chocolate covered treats and you’re a chocolate purist, you aren’t out of luck. The best was saved for last, the ultimate box of chocolates. This basket is full of every kind of chocolate your heart could desire, from Chocolate with Caramel to Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate to Toscana Red Raspberry Wine Dark Chocolate Bark, even Hot & Spicy Jersey Devil Chili and Cranberry Chocolate. We were not lying, this box of chocolate has every kind the ultimate chocolate lover would want.