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Keeping the Peace! Here's How to Care for Your Peace Lilies

Keeping the Peace! Here's How to Care for Your Peace Lilies

Date: December 4, 2019

Peace lilies are tall, dramatic, evergreen plants. They are refreshingly simple to care for, too. Here's how to care for your peace lilies.

Showy Sun Lovers

In their native rainforest understory, peace lilies enjoy plenty of water and dappled sunshine. Give them a warm spot in your home with plenty of indoor light (but not too much direct sunlight), and they may keep flowering. Misting the leaves from time to time keeps them moistened and clean. 

Peace lilies appreciate pure, filtered water. A saucer of water under a pot with a drainage opening is a perfect way to give them the humidity they crave.

Peace lilies can also live in vases of water, with the base of the plant resting on stones above the water line, and the roots growing underwater.

Two From One

Like iris plants, peace lilies grow up out of rhizomes, which need to be divided every three years or so. When it looks like your peace lily plant is outgrowing its pot, it's a good time to divide the root and make two plants out of one, this way:

Rhizomes are tough! Breaking the rhizome or cutting it with a sharp knife should not hurt the plant.

Air-Purifying Power 

Peace lily leaves, flowers, and roots contain calcium oxalate—toxic for children or pets. Just a word to the wise about bringing peace lilies to homes with curious pets or small kiddos!

As for adults, they will benefit from the air-purifying power of peace lilies.

Most of all, the peace lily's striking beauty makes it an ever-popular gift.

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