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How to Take Care of a Bonsai Tree

How to Take Care of a Bonsai Tree

Date: December 4, 2019

The ancient art of bonsai has been refined and perfected over hundreds of years. But if you've just gotten your first bonsai tree, you may wonder what you need to do to keep it thriving. This step-by-step guide will explain how you can take care of a bonsai tree. 

1. Water your bonsai whenever the soil seems dry, which is usually anywhere from once a day to once or twice a week. 

2. Use a moisture meter to monitor the soil's moisture level so that you can avoid it drying completely, which can harm your bonsai. 

3. Bonsai trees don't do well in ultra-dry environments, so if you don't use a humidifier in winter, you may want to place a small tray of water near your tree. 


4. When it's warmer than 40 degrees outside, your bonsai should be placed outdoors (or at least in direct morning sunlight indoors) to facilitate growth. Bonsai trees that are left inside year-round often don't grow as quickly or look as healthy as indoor/outdoor bonsai trees. 

5. During the winter months, your bonsai should be placed safely indoors, in a south-facing window. Grow lights can provide an alternative light source if window light is minimal. 

6. Your bonsai tree will continue to grow for years, even decades, so you'll want to periodically trim it or pinch it back to keep it small and shapely. 

7. Apply liquid fertilizer once every month or two to keep your tree's soil healthy. 

8. Once every few years, your bonsai tree is likely to outgrow its pot. When you repot it, you can remove up to one-fourth of the outer "root ball" to accelerate growth, but avoid pruning too much. 

By following these tips and tricks, you should be able to keep your indoor bonsai tree healthy for years to come. These trees can provide you with beauty anda natural source of fresh oxygen. 

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