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How to hang a wreath on the door

How to hang a wreath on the door

Date: November 30, 2020

Nothing quite says “seasons greetings” like a beautifully adorned wreath hanging on your front door. Whether you make one yourself or pick one up at the store, wreaths are a fun way to give a festive flare to your home. 

Once you have your wreath ready to put up, though, you might start wondering how to hang it. Sure, you could hammer a nail into the door, but that will leave an ugly hole, so how else can you hang a wreath?

Christmas Treats and Wreath

Over-the-Door Hanger

The simplest way is to use a hanger that slips over the top of the doorframe. For the best use, choose an adjustable model so you can position the wreath where you like.

While these hangers are easy to use, they may be a bit of an eyesore, standing out against the wreath, so painting the hanger to blend in with your door is highly recommended. 

Unfortunately, these hangers may prevent some doors from closing as well, but do not worry, there are plenty of other ways to hang your wreath.

Magnetic Hanger

Another great option is a magnetic wreath hanger. Unlike the over-the-door hanger, the magnetic hanger is much smaller and hides mostly out of view to give the most visibility to your wreath.

For doors made of steel, simply position the outside magnet where you would like to place the wreath. For doors made of other materials, place its paired magnet on the inside of the door through a glass window. The inside magnet will hold the outside magnet in place. 

Make sure the magnets have a piece of fabric between them when using this method in order to avoid scratching the metal or glass.

Red and Green Christmas Wreath

Suction Cup Hanger

Suction cups are a wonderful method for those with glass doors and are concerned about scratching. Like the magnetic hanger, suction cups are a discrete method of hanging your wreath so it does not take away from the decoration. Simply push the suction back directly to your door and you have a simple and effective hook to hang your wreath off of. 

When purchasing your suction cup hanger, make sure to pay attention to the weight limit listed. While they are great for hanging smaller or lighter wreaths, heavily adorned wreaths may cause the cup to lose suction and fall off your door.


If all else fails, we have a backup plan for you. Push a thumbtack into the top of your doorframe so the hole it leaves will not be visible from the outside nor the inside. Then, simply loop a ribbon, twine, or other material around the thumbtack and tie it to the wreath.

While this method does leave a hole, it will not be visible, and may even give an extra festive flare from whatever decorative material you choose to hang the wreath from.

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