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How to Care for a Bamboo Plant

How to Care for a Bamboo Plant

Date: December 4, 2019

Lucky bamboo plants are great for both office and residential settings for several reasons. One, they're believed to reduce stress and promote a more relaxed environment, and they're associated with happiness and prosperity. And two, these types of plants are very easy to take care of. 

Before we get into how to care for a bamboo plant, it's important to select a healthy one from your local nursery or garden center. When you're shopping for one, be sure to choose a plant that has a healthy green stalk, and is consistent in color from top to bottom. Also make sure it's free of any bruising or blemishes, and that its leaves aren't browned. In this post, we'll cover the steps on how to take care of the plant, from the initial planting of it to routine care:

  1. Plant it right: Bamboo plants can either be planted in soil or grown hydroponically. If you choose to grow it hydroponically, or in standing water, hold the plant in place using stones or pebbles. You can choose to grow it in just water as well. If you choose to grow the plant in soil, it should be watered often enough so that the soil is always moist.
  2. Water it right: Bamboo plants don't need a lot of water to flourish. In fact, watering it once per week should suffice just fine if you're growing it hydroponically. When you water it, just be sure that it is reaching the roots. If you're growing the plant in soil, just be sure the soil mix is always moist. Adding water about once a week should be sufficient.
  3. Keep it out of sunlight: Plants need well-lit rooms to flourish, but direct sunlight for a bamboo plant can actually end up doing more harm than good. On this note, the best way to care for a bamboo plant is to keep it in an area of a room that's not exposed to direct sunlight.
  4. Maintain it: Aside from watering it, it's important to trim away any browning or yellowing leaves from the plant to make way for new, healthy leaves. You can also trim the stalk if it gets too big.


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