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Flowers for Date Night

Flowers for Date Night

Date: January 13, 2022

One of the most valued nights for a couple: Date Night. Yes, you may sit across from each other at the dining room table every night (or next to each other on the couch, let’s be honest), but usually that involves distractions. Your kids, your work, your new favorite tv show that you can’t stop binging. Or maybe you don’t live with your date, you’re still in the early stages where you want to impress them with something special.


Regardless, all of this is to emphasize what we all already know – Date Night is very important! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to think about how to make date night extra special. It requires more than just your run of the mill out to dinner routine. It is the perfect excuse for ultimate romance, and what says romance more than sending flowers to your date? We have rounded up the perfect, most romantic flowers for date night.


We would be remiss if we didn’t kick off our list of best date night flowers with anything other than the Two Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses. This stunner of a bouquet is a classic for a reason. Nothing screams romance more than red roses, so two dozen must mean LOVE (or like… don’t freak out if you’re sending this to someone you only ”Like” …. Roses scream that, too). If you know your date wants to go full romance or you don’t know what your date would like, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a bouquet like this.


Another classic romantic bouquet is this red and pink bouquet, that will wow anyone who you send this to. Perfect when you want a mix of romantic colors, while still being the perfect date night bouquet. It’s the perfect bouquet to send to anyone you’re excited to celebrate a night of love with, for when you want to set the stage for an evening filled with candlelight, romance, and chocolates.


Speaking of chocolates, one way to guarantee you are sending the best flowers for date night is to pair them with a box of chocolates for your date. Send your date our Perfect Love Bouquet and be sure to include a box of our chocolates, you have the option of a couple different sizes but why would you ever send anything but a large box of chocolates? This mix of red roses and red carnations just emphasize the beauty of the lilies that shine in this bouquet, a classic and elegant bouquet to send to your date.


While we’re here and talking extra ways to say, “I Love You,” there are many ways to add a little extra love to a romantic bouquet for date night. The obvious has already been mentioned: chocolates. However, there are other romantic gifts to include with your date night flowers such as teddy bears and balloons. It’s so easy to jazz up a simple bouquet and let them know you love them a little extra by sending something with the bouquet.


At the end of the day, sending romantic flowers for date night is all about the gesture, letting them know you want to make it a special evening and carve out special time for you as a couple to enjoy your night out. But never believe them when they say they don’t want anything... they always want flowers.