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Everything You Need to Know About World Teachers’ Day

Everything You Need to Know About World Teachers’ Day

Date: November 3, 2020

Teachers often don’t get enough appreciation. Instead, they face students in the classroom each and every day without so much as a “thank you.”

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated across the globe on October 5. It is celebrated on the same day every year and has been since 1994. Each and every year, there is a different theme to focus on for the holiday. These generally celebrate some of the difficulties that teachers face and the victories that they have obtained inside of the classroom.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in a number of different ways. Often, it is focused on a way for students to appreciate their teachers. Flowers may be sent to the classroom, gift baskets may be brought in, and students may write or video record a special message to their favorite teachers.

The messages sent to teachers should be ones of gratitude. They should thank teachers for the ways in which they have had an impact on a student’s life. Often, the messages thank teachers for shaping a person into who they have become and for teaching them right from wrong.

UNESCO is the governing body behind World Teachers’ Day. The reason that they chose October 5 is that it has historic significance. In 1966, a significant mile marker was established for teachers, setting standards for training and employment for teachers along with teaching and learning conditions.

As a result of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) being the one responsible for World Teachers’ Day, it is celebrated in a number of countries. Additionally, it is co-convened in partnership with Education International, the International Labor Organization, and UNICEF.

Joint statements are often released prior to each holiday from the three organizations to identify how teachers are responsible for so much incredible leadership and innovation. These messages are available in a wide array of languages to ensure that people from around the world can be inspired by them.

Many schools around the globe choose to celebrate teachers using the annual theme. The goal is for students to understand the important role that teachers play while also helping to lift teachers up inside of the community.

Teachers take on a number of leadership roles every single year. They are not only responsible for teaching the youth but also helping to shape the future of the world. They build resilience in students and they deserve to be celebrated.

National, regional, and global events can be found throughout the week of October 5 each year as schools, communities, and governments look to celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

There are plenty of ways for people to get creative with the way they want to celebrate World Teachers’ Day in their area. Every teacher deserves a thank you and saying it with a gift can ensure that the gratitude is captured to the fullest.